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STREAMING TALKING TO THE CLIENT Let me expand on the importance of doing a recce. WIFI OR HARD WIRED The most challenging aspect of live streaming is to maintain a steady stream of data during the duration The first step is to talk to the client or the manager of the programme. It is a must to have a robust of the venue. This can be done in two ways: a and fast internet connection, preferably fibre optic. telephone conversation or going to the venue. My I have tried both Wi-Fi and hard wired methods to opinion is to do both. Talking to the client face to face stream however I prefer to stream by connecting the in the best option. I usually ask the client what he/she encoder directly to the router, using Ethernet cable. is trying to achieve. Requirements vary according I have three cat5 Ethernet cables, 50m 30m and to client’s needs. For example a client might want 20m these cables can be joined by RJ45 Coupler the stream to look and sound like a proper TV Connector and can be configured for short and long output. This usually includes interviews in between distances. There are encoders and various models or during live streaming and also adding tittles to the which are capable maintaining steady streaming production. This type of production is not simple and using 4/3G dongles, Teradek and LiveU are the most cannot be carried out by one person. reliable encoders in my experience. One of my clients asked me to stream an event Another reason I prefer using hard wired method is showcasing and celebrating the achievements of to have the encoder connected to a power source, Charlton Triangle Homes in South London. The event internal batteries do not last long, it is just not took place in an open air space with multiple tents possible to stream a two hour programme using holding various activities. The client wanted to reflect internal batteries. what is good about the community. The brief was to make it sound and look good as possible. It took us There’s plenty to talk about live streaming next time I four weeks of planning. I started by designing two would like to talk about pre production and different simple stings for the opening and inserts and credits kits for streaming. during the live streaming. Also the client wanted I have written from the experience I have gained video files of the event which could be edited or used and I continue to learn new things as technology is in many ways. My set up allows me to capture files evolving on a regular basis. I hope this information not only in 720p 50, 1080p 50, 1080i 50 this can be can be use as guide and will help fellow streamers. HDV or Pro res Failing to do a recce can lead to so many problems which could compromise live streaming regardless of how good the gear is. What should be avoided is to take it for granted that the equipment would work straight away when plugged in. Those involved in live streaming may have different experiences depending on location THERE SEEMS TO BE A CONFUSION BETWEEN BROADCASTING & STREAMING 56 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016