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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER ONLINE SPORT The Australian telecommunications company Optus has selected Vimond to build and deliver the technical infrastructure - including content ingestion, preparation and distribution – for its English Premier League (EPL) coverage. Optus apps, which are also delivered by Vimond through partners on a suite of devices along with a new 24/7 football channel, will be available to home broadband and post-paid mobile customers. The service will be launched in early July. Vimond is already behind EPL premium content for broadcasters in Norway. The app developed for Optus will be available on Android and iOS, as well as Apple TV. It uses adaptive bitrate technology in order to optimise performance for specific screens. VIDEO DELIVERY INFRASTRUCTURE Finnish telecommunications operator DNA has deployed an OTT set-up from Harmonic for its DNA TV multiscreen service. The technology will enable DNA to deliver live TV channels and VOD content to its subscribers on a wide range of devices. The kit being used includes the WFS file-based workflow engine, the ProMedia Carbon file-based transcoder, the ProMedia Live real-time multiscreen transcoder and the MediaGrid shared storage system. Systems integration was provided by Mediatrade Finland. At the same time, Harmonic, working with LORA Solutions, has sold a scheduling and playout system to France Televisions to use for automated preparation and delivery of the broadcast channel Nouvelle Caledonie 1. Installed at France Televisions’ facilities in New Caledonia, the integrated set-up consists of Harmonic’s Spectrum ChannelPort playout system and the Polaris Play channel-in-a-box (CIAB) automation system. It also includes LORA Solutions’ traffic system. LIVE STREAMING Soliton has secured resellers in Sweden, Romania and Germany. The Japanese company makes mobile H.265 bonded technology for use over 3G and 4G networks. Typically used for news and sports gathering for video contribution, the H.265 HEVC hardware encoders provide live camera streaming and are a low cost alternative to using OB trucks and satellite services. “Given it is sometimes difficult to guarantee quality of service on the mobile phone network, our flagship Zao product can maintain a stream of high quality HD video even in very low bandwidth situations,” said Mark Andrews, sales manager at Soliton Europe. LiveU Solo, the plug-and-play live streaming product for the online media market, will be showcased at IBC. Already available in the US, and first launched at IBC last year, LiveU Solo connects automatically to online video platforms and content delivery networks including Facebook, YouTube Live and Wowza Streaming Cloud. The encoder is built around LiveU’s existing bonding technology and its integral LRT (LiveU Reliable Transport) adaptive bit rate and forward error correction protocol and can be managed and controlled remotely via a web interface or smartphone. LiveU will also show new software for all of its portable transmission and management products. Version 6.0 includes a new interface design for LiveU Central and an improved LiveU Matrix management workflow. LIVE STREAMING 24 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 115 JULY 2016