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Inside the University of Juba Radio Laboratory, Juba, South Sudan. With staff from Eye Media, Juba, South Sudan. A community radio station in Mingkamman, South Sudan. I’m looking forward to seeing some of them again at IBC later this year - it’s my first time attending, and I have already received some excellent advice! What is your current project/focus: I’ve set up a company with colleagues to deliver Radio TechCon - the UK Radio industry’s technical conference. I like to keep busy! Do you have any particular industry insights to share? I’ve been lucky to work in radio around the world and one thing we do really well here in the UK is working together across commercial and public sector in order to boost the industry as a whole. I think this is something we should be really proud of and something all broadcast industries could adopt - we really are stronger when we remember to collaborate as well as trying to beat each other in the ratings! Final thought? Every person really can make a difference and I think sometimes just by being out there and having a go you can help the next person coming along believe it is possible. • Anamorphic lenses & adapters starting at £665. • Fast M43rds T.95 CINE primes from only £415. • Sony E mount full frame 50mm F1.1 CINE lens for just £315.* Truly cinematic. *prices exclude vat HOLD N master distributor KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 115 JULY 2016 | 29