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Engagement Social investment The way in which consumers engage with video is also changing. It’s no longer enough to publish a video and hope consumers will find it. Due to sheer amount of video content available, creators need to understand not only how to make content appealing to consumers but also how to make it engaging. The networks themselves realise it too and there has been an absolutely massive amount of investment into video by the social media giants. None more so than Facebook, which has been investing heavily in video technology, and with Facebook Live, allows a produced Periscope-style approach to sharing videos with fans from anywhere in the world. By far the biggest factor in changing consumption and engagement habits is social media. I have long been preaching that social media is the perfect companion for streaming, with a ready-made network to get you more eyeballs on your video. Add to that the ability for people to share, comment, ask questions, discuss your content, and react to your video from within social media and you have the perfect, ready-made environment for not only engagement with your existing consumers but also the opportunity to engage with new audiences. We have found that having video in a social media platform greatly increases the chances of consumers watching your video with the length of time a user views content being greatly increased over content just viewed via a website. The live video API launched in April by Facebook is encouraging more broadcasters to deliver engaging content onto the platform as it offers the capability to deliver high quality multi-camera content directly to the consumer. The future of streaming The future promises to get even more exciting for streaming and I think we will see more broadcasters, content providers, and companies streaming live into social platforms on a regular basis. Social networks will continue to invest in making this process even easier and adding interactive functionality to drive engagement levels. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 115 JULY 2016 | 39