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£ 520 Rotolight » Anova Bi-Colour LED light (V2 50 degree angle) CONDITION Used SELLER VMI.TV Ltd ITEM ID 175896 CONTACT 020 8922 1225 Rotolight Anova Bi-Colour LED light (V2 50 degree angle)This is an ex-hire video light which has been fully maintained according to Rotolight specification and has been owned from new and upgraded to the the Version 2 model which is 350% brighter than the original model. (4 available) ConditionAlthough it is an ex-rental product, it is nevertheless in good condition, as it has spent £ 1079 Worried about Fraud? Rotolight » Neo 3 Light Kit CONDITION New ITEM ID 175908 SELLER Finepoint Broadcast CONTACT 01737 370033 Features:Bi Colour, soft light output 50 Degree Beam AngleAccurate colour temperature & brightness display including F-Stop indicationDelivers a powerful output of up to 1077 Lux at 3FTBest in class CRI > 91, Skin tone >98, TLCI 85Flicker-Free at any frame rate or shutter anglePower via 6 x AA (3hours), AC, or DTAP Cable Kit Includes:3 x Rotolight-Neo £ 1500 We are sometimes asked if a seller is are our top five tips before you even decide to part with your cash.... 1. Does the seller know what they are selling? Ask some questions that they should know the answer to. 2. Ask to see a photo of the item next to a daily newspaper Sony » BVM D24E1WE CONDITION Used SELLER Thameside Broadcast ITEM ID 169147 CONTACT 01932 240305 Sony BVM D24E1WE Sony Grade One MonitorBKM 21D SD CardBKM 41D HD Card 3. Try to get to know them, what business are they in, what did they use it for? 4. If possible arrange to meet face to face to view the item, or get a local trusted contact to do it for you. £ 17000 5. Use your common sense if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is! Sony » BVM X300 CONDITION Ex-demo SELLER Digibroadcast Ltd ITEM ID 175530 CONTACT +44 02087391573 small mark on screen