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OB, T&M, TRIPODS £ 5000 Mercedes - VW » Sprinter - Transporter - Vito £ 7500 VW » Transporter CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision ITEM ID 164771 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 ITEM ID 164766 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 See our other detailed listings . 30 units available now. Fast Worldwide shipping arranged. Ask for our PDF stock list list. Prices from £5,000 to £50,000. Discount deals for quantity. Single Thread System. 1.2 metre Antenna Upod System fully automated. Built in Generator. Tanberg Encoder MPEG2. Right Hand drive UK spec vehicle. 5 complete working Units available for immediate delivery. Worldwide shipping arranged . We have the Upod 1 version with diamond 1.2m dish and Upod 2 with 1.2m circular dish .Upod I version £7500Upod 2 Version £12000 £ 3000 € 45000 Peugeot » 808 VW » VW Transporter CONDITION Used CONDITION Used ITEM ID 170123 ITEM ID 170719 SELLER Onvision SELLER Somos Broadcast CONTACT 0208 763 4198 CONTACT +36 1 4608050 Ex UK BBC Radio Car. 2001 Model with 30 foot Clark Hydraulic Mast.Transmitter included .We have a number of these units from model year 2000 to 2006at various prices. £ 575000 Smiths Great Bentley UK » HD Trailer 2007 - Antenna: Antech, 1,2M Motorized Gregorian satellite dish, Gain 43,3 dBi - Antenna controller: Nortel Dasa - HPA: ETM 450K, 450 Watt KU Band 14-14.5 GHz - Hours: Console: 110:57 RF ON: 99:33 - HPA controller: direct on HPA - Maximum TX power: EIRP 69.8 dBW - Spectrum Analyzer: Tektronix 2712 to 1.8 GHz - Encoder: 1 x Tandberg E5710, £ 6200 LEADER » LEADER LV5770 CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision CONDITION New SELLER Thameside Broadcast ITEM ID 159907 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 ITEM ID 170635 CONTACT 01932 240305 High speciation double expanding full HD trailer built in UK 2007. Designed for sports events with up to 24 cameras. Aprox 27 seating positions. Cameras and VTR are not included but can be added on request at additional cost new or used. The Production gallery is currently being upgraded to flat screens with Multi Viewers.Sony MVS 8000 Vision Mixer Supports all HD / £ 25000 LV 5770 is a multi monitor that can be customized with aThe LV 5770 is highly cost effective because it supports 3G-SDI,variety of features including simultaneous monitoring of two SDIMoni Output, Equipped with loudness measurement and a wide £ 9449 Uk » 11m LEADER 4K RASTERIZER » LEADER LV7390 CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision CONDITION New SELLER Thameside Broadcast ITEM ID 162777 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 ITEM ID 170637 CONTACT 01932 240305 Recently fully Refurbished unit. 3 production rooms with mains power. Partition Doors. Opening cable tray down right hand side of rooms. In our opinion this unit is in excellent all round condition. Body recently re painted. Access steps with hand rails at side and rear. Has been used as VTR recording / playback - Graphics - Editing.Onvision Broadcast +44(0)208 763 4198 LEADER’s new LV7390 is a versatile and powerful rasterizer capable of monitoring up to four 3G/HD/SD SDI signals simultaneously and can display Waveform, Vector, Picture,CINELITE®, CINEZONE®, Audio and Status information on an external monitor in full high definition resolution via its 3G/HD-SDI or DVI-I rasterized outputs. Video and Digital Audio measurements can be