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STORAGE AND BANDWIDTH WORKFLOW Pixspan has announced the general availability of its 4K capable PixMover software, which is now GPU enabled. When used with a dual-processor server and a NVIDIA M6000 GPU card, the application is said to operate from two to four times faster than with a CPU-only server. The company says that because it requires between 50 and 80% less space, it makes it possible to store 4K digital intermediate files and uncompressed camera raw on NAS or SAN, and restore it in full resolution at 4K workflow speeds. For transfer, full-quality files can be transferred in half the time or less while consuming a smaller amount of bandwidth, with the first full resolution frame being available on the distant end within a second. PixMover is available through the reseller XTFX. Subscribe now to be the first to see the latest news from IBC Domo Broadcast Formerly Cobham Broadcast Come and see our technology in action Stand 1.F41 New name. Same reliable products. @DomoBroadcast +44 (0)1489 566 750 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 116 AUGUST 2016 | 19