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THE WORLDS FIRST LED/STUDIO LOCATION LIGHT WITH BUILT IN CINEMATIC LIGHTING FX TV SIMULATION FIRE LIGHTNING Bi Colour (6300K-3150K) flicker-free continuous output Accucolour™ technology for best in class CRI>96, TLCI 91 Efficient V-Lock battery or Mains power Operation CineSFX™ delivers custom lighting FX on set / location “ THERE ISN’T A JOB I WOULDN’T TAKE IT ON ” STEFAN LANGE, VISUAL FX VETERAN (BATMAN, SKYFALL, TOMB RAIDER, NOTTING HILL) WWW.ROTOLIGHT.COM IBC AMSTERDAM HALL 12-G.77 M A D E AT P I N E W O O D S T U D I O S , U K AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE FROM T: +44 (0) 152 785 4222 W: T: +44 (0) 333 003 5000 W: AVAILABLE TO HIRE / PURCHASE FROM T: +44 (0) 177 225 2188 W: T: +44 (0) 1753 422 750 W: T: +44 (0) 1737 370033 W: