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OUR FOCUS IS ON THE ENDLESS TASK OF CHECKING CONTENT What is distinctive about Vidcheck products? For example, some competing products show all instances of an error even if the same error occurs in most frames of a movie with 100,000 frames. You can see all the errors with Vid-checker if you wish but it is normally limited to show (for example) only the details of the first 10 instances of an error plus a count of how many more errors of the same type there are. Instead of a massive list, Vidchecker gives a report just 1/2 page long – and any other critical error is easily seen. The main differences with Vidchecker are: Faster processing. Up to five times faster than competing products), without using GPUs. Un-like third-party products, Vidchecker does not require files to be copied locally. Auto correction. Vidchecker can optionally correct the common video and audio problems and write out a fully corrected file, re-encoded if required. Easier to use. Vidchecker is designed for operation by people who are new to file-based QC, which is most AKM_KitPlus_Aug16_116_half.pdf users. integrated Vidchecker have told us that the integration time is typically three times faster with our products than competing products. There are no special hardware requirements (no need for GPUs). Vidchecker can easily be moved to different servers or can by run in virtual environments such as Amazon Web Services. How do I install Vidcheck products on my system? 1 They are an easy click-through Windows installation. Vidchecker and Vidchecker- post have a comprehensive, well 28/07/2016 documented 16:46 Customers who have API. What is new from Vidchecker A lot. Come and talk to us on stand 8.A30 at IBC2016. SUMMER SALE C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 40% OFF ROYALTY FREE MUSIC Use promo code SUMMERSALE when you buy 3 or more +44 (0)1926 864068 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 116 AUGUST 2016 | 57