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CAMERAS TIMECODE Timecode Systems has adapted its Pulse mini base station product so that it can be used to enable wireless remote control, metadata editing, and other enhanced workflow functionality for Arri Alexa cameras. Using the MovieSlate 8.5 iOS app it will allow a seamless exchange of data between the three products and give crews control from an iPad or iPhone. “A well-thought-through, integrated workflow can reduce timescales and costs by making information easier to access and giving production teams more control,” said chief executive Paul Scurrell. “This is exactly what this solution delivers -- more accurate data that’s easier to access, delivering enhanced efficiency and greater control.” At the same time, the company has announced that it is opening a California office in order manage distribution of its SyncBac PRO product. SyncBac PRO provides embedded, timecode sync for multi- camera shoots featuring GoPro cameras. Red Digital Cinema showed its entire line of DSMC2TM cameras at IBC including the Red Raven 4.5k, the Scarlet-W 5K, the Weapon 6K and the Weapon 8k VV. Also on show was the limited edition white Weapon 8k S35 featuring Red’s newest sensor the Helium. According to the company, all of its DSMC2 cameras “offer superior image quality, incredible dynamic range, and are capable of shooting simultaneously in Redcode RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD/HR.” Weapon cameras upgraded to a Red Dragon 8k VV sensor can shoot up to 75 frames per second (fps) at 8k resolution and 300 fps at 2K resolution. Data speeds are up to 300 MB/s. VIDEO CALLS Quicklink showed a Skype video call management system at IBC that allows multiple calls within a single hardware unit. The Quicklink TX Multi transceiver was designed in partnership with Microsoft, owners of Skype, and allows one or multiple calls to be fed into a TV studio without the need for additional rack space or cables. It is available in three options: the Multi, which can accept up to four incoming calls and has a single switchable HDMI, SDI and analogue video input and output; the Multi Quad, which accepts up to four calls and includes four SD or HD- SDI inputs and outputs; and the Multi Xstream. The latter has dual Xeon multi core processors allowing management of up to eight simultaneous full frame HD two-way Skype calls. SMART AUDIO Intelligent and complementary audio algorithms that optimize performance for higher efficiency and increased automation when audio matters junger_180x59,25_ibc.indd 1 03.08.16 14:50 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016 | 17