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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE SPOTLIGHT ON JVC... JVC launches new IP-connected cameras New PTZ and graphics camcorders, all with IP connectivity and live streaming JVC has introduced a new PTZ camera, the KY-PZ100, along with two new camcorders, the GY-HM200SP sports camera and the GY-HM200BC broadcast and events camera. JVC has been at the forefront of IP-connected cameras since the introduction of the GY-HM650 handheld camera four years ago, which was widely adopted by major broadcasters and newsgathering organisations worldwide and received tons of industry accolades. JVC considers IP connectivity to be a core part of its camera functionality, and the technology has spread from the 650 into its other cameras, including the large sensor GY- LS300 Super 35mm camcorder. The GY-HM200SP is a professional compact handheld camcorder that produces a real-time score overlay on recorded and streamed HD video, ideal for a variety of popular sporting events including football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, hockey and more. It allows you to display scoring information with just one camera and no additional hardware – you just need network connectivity. The overlay is produced for both the streamed and recorded video simultaneously and updating of score data is incredibly simple via a smart phone, tablet or web browser. The camera receives score information directly from a mobile device connected wirelessly using an intuitive GUI, or interfaces directly to the sports venue’s own scoreboard controller. KY-PZ100 robotic PTZ camera With increasing pressure on production budgets, small and medium size studios in particular are moving away from traditional camera operator-type studio cameras towards robotic systems that can be controlled from a central gallery position, thus reducing overall production costs. This is why JVC is launching its new robotic PTZ IP video production camera, the KY-PZ100, which is ideal for studio or field applications. It offers all of the IP connectivity from JVC’s other streaming camcorders, in terms of live streaming, remote camera control and FTP file transfer capabilities, and can also work as a standalone camera or streaming device. GY-HM200SP and GY-HM200BC graphics overlay camcorders JVC’s two new camcorder models, based on the GY- HM200 4K live streaming camcorder, are the GY-HM200SP sports camera and the GY-HM200BC broadcast and events camera. What’s unique about these cameras is their ability to support graphics overlay in both the live SDI and HDMI video output and the live stream. 20 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016 The GY-HM200BC broadcast and events camera uses the same principle as the sports version, but enables you to update the lower third graphic along with the channel logo, which is very important for copyrighting and content protection. You can name the interviewee, change the banner, add your company logo, plus include additional information such as temperature and a real-time clock that’s pulled from the camera – all easily prepared via a touchscreen tablet. The GY-HM200BC is ideally suited to internet TV news, bloggers and live event companies, or perhaps to any corporate institution or educational establishment who want their media included with channel identification. It’s important to note that this camera is all about delivery direct to the internet, with no external vision mixer or computer graphics required, and that the graphics are also on the video output. For further information on the range of JVC cameras, please visit