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4K BASEBAND SDI RECORDING It is now possible to perform 4k baseband SDI recording using standard and affordable PC hardware. Village Island and DekTec jointly announce VF-REC v3, a new version of the VF-REC application widely used for recording of transport streams and SDI signals using DekTec’s range of video I/O adapters. With this release, VF-REC receives a major GUI overhaul and introduces the exciting “J2K” option for JPEG 2000 compression. Version 3 also includes functionality for playing back the recorded 4k files. Recording/playout of an uncompressed 4k video stream in a PC is extremely challenging because of its high bitrate (12Gbps) and requires a special and expensive hard-disk sub-system. Without considerable integration effort it is practically impossible to record or playout 4k signals with a standard PC setup. VF REC v3 overcomes this problem by incorporating JPEG 2000 compression technology from Comprimato. It applies real-time visually lossless compression of 4k video, reducing the data rate sufficiently to use a PC with a standard hard-disk setup. Comprimato’s JPEG 2000 compression technology leverages the GPU resources from graphics boards provided by companies such as NVIDIA and AMD. The recording and playout of UHD requires the usage of a 4k capable DekTec adapter. DekTec’s current flagship 4k product is the DTA-2174 (Quad 3G-SDI/ASI Input/Output adapter), with multiple new 4k products on the roadmap. As they appear, support for these cards will be added to VF-REC. VF-REC stores the JPEG 2000 compressed 4k signal as an MXF-file (OP1a), which means the recorded files can be used by any tool supporting the OP1a MXF-file format. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016 | 23