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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT FACILITY MANAGEMENT SCANNING The Austrian Film Archive, located in Vienna, has expanded its ability to scan high- resolution 4K masters and digital ready cinema packages with the installation of a Blackmagic Cintel film scanner. The new kit will be used to help process 200,000 film prints and 48,000 film programmes spanning the past 120 years. At the same time it has been revealed that the Paris-based post-production company Film Factory is now using the Cintel film scanner for its dailies and final film scanning workflows. Blackmagic has also announced an update for the DaVinci Resolve. Version 12.5.2 includes support for additional URSA Mini camera metadata, colour space tags on QuickTime export, Fusion Connect for Linux and advanced filtering options. South Africa’s SuperSport is using Xytech’s facility management platform MediaPulse to manage its production logistics, crew and crew logistics. The application is being used to look after flights, hotels, car rental and visa and vaccination requirements, along with other logistical assignments. SuperSport provides sports content across Sub-Saharan Africa and is part of the MultiChoice Group. Greg Dolan, chief operating officer, Xytech, said, “The demands facing SuperSport are multi-faceted. There are people, equipment, operations and content to move across many countries. The channels provide outstanding coverage of the sports their audiences love and MediaPulse enables them to execute their operations in a timely and efficient manner.” CLOUD EDITING AUDIO NETWORKING Audinate has announced the immediate worldwide availability of Dante Via version 1.1. The update to the audio networking software includes multichannel application support up to 16x16 channels per application, support for high performance ASIO device drivers on Windows PCs and source mixes with individual level controls for stereo destinations. The ability to append channels when adding sources to multichannel destinations and a Device Lock feature that prevents unwanted changes to Dante Via 1.1 from other network users have also been added. Dante Via connects all computer-based audio, including USB, Thunderbolt and PCIe devices as well as audio applications, to any Dante audio network. 26 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016 Shine TV used Forscene for logging and edit preparation on the second series of Hunted for Channel 4, it has been revealed. During production of the reality show a team of 18 loggers and eight editorial staff logged, searched and reviewed more than 17,000 hours of media shot across 28 consecutive shoot days using 20 cameras. Paul Jones, head of post-production for Princess Post Production, part of the Endemol Shine Group, said: “On the first series our team viewed sequences in Avid while logging in Word. It was far from ideal as manually entering every timecode slowed data entry down and we couldn’t index or search our logs. On the second series, with Forscene, our loggers had access to multi-layer sync maps in the cloud on commodity level PCs. We were able to support three times as many loggers and provide the editorial team with a fully searchable set of logs paired with the actual content.” Forbidden Technologies, the develop of Forscene, has also announced that it has begun to migrate major elements of the post-production platform to Amazon Web Services with the intention of fully migrating by NAB 2017