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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT VIDEO CARDS Bluefish444 has launched a new version of its free multi-channel capture software application IngeStore. Compatible with its video cards, IngeStore captures multiple simultaneous channels of SD/HD/3G SDI to popular media files for archive, edit, encoding or analysis. The update adds new functionality including additional codec upgrade options and ‘Edit-While-Record’ functionality. The latter allows Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Assimilate Scratch to output SDI and HDMI with Bluefish444 video cards while IngeSTore is recording. Bluefish444 has also released a new Kronos range of video, audio and data I/O cards designed for workflows requiring Ultra HD up to 8k, high frame rates up to 120fps, high dynamic range and video over IP. GRAPHICS AND DATA Reality Check Systems (RCS) has provided a graphics and data integration production application for DAZN, the new live sports streaming service. Available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan via multiple connected devices, DAZN shows English Premier League football, the MLB, NBA and NFL plus motorsports, tennis and darts. Using a combination of custom software and industry-standard graphics hardware, RCS built a system that takes real-time data from Opta and uses its RCS Foundation data-management application to parse relevant information and power graphics templates that are tailored to different geographical markets. These graphics are then distributed with each live programme feed. Jamie Rice, chief operating officer at DAZN Japan, said: “DAZN personalises the streaming experience for sports fans, a process enhanced by RCS. They’ve devised a brilliant solution that allows us to bring customers tailored graphics with Opta’s world-renowned sports data about their favourite players, teams and competitions in their native languages.” LOUDNESS Nugen Audio has launched the AMB (Audio Management Batch) processor, a suite of modular software that is said to enable post-production facilities to speed workflows significantly and reduce delivery times for a range of different tasks including upmixing and loudness management. AMB also offers threaded algorithm processing and multiple processing threads that are addressable for simultaneous parallel handling of files and queues. “Our loudness processing is the fastest in its class, offering a highly efficient and cost-effective batch- file solution that meets audio professionals’ most demanding requirements,” said Jon Schorah, founder and creative director, Nugen Audio. “AMB significantly increases these capabilities to give customers batch processing options for more of our award-winning, workflow-enhancing technologies.” At IBC the company also introduced a significant upgrade for Halo Upmix that enables multichannel-to-multichannel upmixing. 30 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016