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SOUND LIBRARY MEDIA FILE WORKFLOWS At IBC Videomenthe presented its solutions for processing media files: Eolementhe©, its tool for creating media file workflows, but also VideomentheCloud, its cloud platform for secure, accelerated file sharing, not to mention all of its distributed solutions. This year the company showcased Eolementhe © v2, which, thanks to its user-friendly interface, makes for intuitive media workflow creation, facilitating ready-to-broadcast (RTB) file sharing between broadcasting users. Within this automated multi-provider environment, you’ll find a complete workflow: transcoding, quality control, audio level correction and analysis, manual or automatic delivery of the technical and editorial metadata, etc. So, all that’s needed to implement a workflow is a simple workstation connected to the internet and the extremely intuitive interface can be picked up immediately. For even more flexible use, Eolementhe© can also be run by a third-party system, thanks to its application programming interface (API). DH20558 Courtyard Kit Plus Ad.pdf 1 30/08/2016 15:23 TSL Products has announced that Pro Sound Effects used the SoundField microphone during the creation of a new sound library called Chicago Ambisonics. The library, which features more than three hours of immersive urban audio captured from various angles, comes with the SurroundZone2 plugin. SurroundZone2 allows sound editors and mixers to change position of virtual microphones in any direction with a variety of polar patterns for greater control and creativity. David Forshee, Pro Sound Effects’ library specialist, said: “TSL Products’ SoundField microphone is an accurate and reliable mic for easily capturing entire three-dimensional soundscapes. The ability to adjust the position of the mic in post-production is a major advantage of the Ambisonics format, and the intuitive interface of the SurroundZone2 software makes it easy to incorporate this into any sound editors workflow.” C M Y CM MY CY Precision SPG & Master Time Reference you can trust CMY K KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016 | 31