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COMMENT How macOS Sierra 10.12 can affect your editing Beth Zarkosh As the summer haze starts to settle, Apple users across the world are once again prompted to ‘hit update’ and be showered with a host of shiny new features, and thus enter into the next generation of Mac Operating System - macOS Sierra 10.12. As ever, major updates tend to go hand in hand with a range of pros and cons, depending on how you intend to use it. For general use, features including Apple Pay, Siri on desktop, Apple Watch Unlock and many more are all to hand and are pretty neat, if a bit gimmicky. A few big ‘problems’ with this update involve the much loved sharing platform Dropbox, as well as some notable editing packages - so it may be wise to hover over that update button for just a few more days before potentially entering a world where ordering a pizza using desktop based voice control is achievable, but uploading dailies onto the cloud is not. Here we discuss the issues those of you who work with Adobe software may face. Premiere Pro CC As Kevin Monahan of Adobe stated on the Adobe Forums about support for Sierra he says “We haven’t announced support for this version of OS X yet to my knowledge. OS X 10.11 is the latest Mac OS that is recommended…It is not recommended that you install (Sierra) on a production machine at this time.” Basically it’s not been confirmed that Premiere Pro will not work with Sierra, but that it merely is not known just yet whether there will be any significant issues in one’s production flow. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom If you work on Lightroom regularly alongside your video editing, then you will be interested to know that the Lightroom team has posted on the current Sierra situation. Stating that, “ “Adobe recommends that customers update Lightroom to the current version prior to updating macOS 10.12 (Sierra).” The statement also lists a number of issues on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) with regards to compatibility, see below Update to Lightroom 2015.7/Lightroom 6.7, or Remain on your current Mac OS X version and do NOT update to macOS 10.12 (Sierra) if you are running Lightroom 5 or earlier. If you are using older versions of Adobe Lightroom these are the issues that may lie ahead. Adobe Illustrator CS4 When opening the application, a “Error Loading Plugins” alerts may pop up, including PhotoshopExport.aip and Photoshoplmport. aip. This is a common issue for a number of OS X versions. To resolve click “Don’t show again” in the the alert. 46 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016