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€2200 JVC KENWOOD » DT-N24F CONDITION New SELLER VIDEOLINEA ITEM ID 175975 CONTACT +39-055691371 monitor £8000 Tektronix » WFM 8300 £20000 Sony » BVM-X300 CONDITION Used ITEM ID 170647 SELLER ES Broadcast Ltd CONTACT 01923 650 080 2 Units Available CONDITION New SELLER WTS Broadcast ITEM ID 176025 CONTACT 02036671921 Monitor €1450 €POA SONY » LMD-1750W ... » 6-CAMERA RACK-READY OB VAN CONDITION Used SELLER Project italia srl CONDITION New SELLER VIDEOLINEA ITEM ID 145190 CONTACT +39055 352285 ITEM ID 159692 CONTACT +39-055691371 Our 6-CAMERA RACK-READY OB VAN can be customized according to your specific technical and budgetary needs. GOOD CONDITION!IT COMES WITH SDI CARD BKM-243HS/DRIF.X847 €1250 CONDITION ITEM ID €POA SONY » PVM-740 Used 174853 SELLER CONTACT ... » OB VAN (used_2) Project italia srl CONDITION Used SELLER VIDEOLINEA +39055 352285 ITEM ID 172358 CONTACT +39-055691371 Thanks to the nature of the OLED display panel and Sony’s Super Top EmissionTM technology, the PVM-740 offers outstanding high-contrast images. Incorporating a 10-bit panel driver, Sony’s Super Top EmissionTM OLED display panel creates lifelike and smoother-than-ever gradation from dark to bright portions of a scene. Also, an excellent blur-free quick response to fast motion 5 full HD cameras OB Van with uplink - Mercedes Vario 818CDI Engine - EURO 5 - Year 2012 and used for demonstration only - Approx. 50 km only