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A BROADCAST MASTERPIECE. THE ALL-NEW SENNHEISER EK 6042. The best of Sennheiser’s world-class analogue and digital receiver systems in one compact package: The EK 6042 two-channel camera receiver handles analogue and digital transmitters simultaneously. Best flexibility. Saving you time and hassle, the smart EK6042 is ready for the job in seconds: It configures automatically to every professional Sennheiser UHF transmitter, whether analogue or digital or a mix thereof, identifying transmitter types, companders and frequencies via an IR link – across a bandwidth of a full 184 MHz. Best ease of use. The EK 6042 two-channel receiver is a pleasure to work with, whether on camera or in the sound bag. Slot-in technology for 15-pin and 25-pin unislot cameras, backpanel adaptor for other camera types – using hot-swappable battery packs with exact read-out of battery time, USB port for convenient program- ming via a built-in web server, including imports and exports of entire configurations – the EK6042 has it all. Hi-res OLED display, digital and analogue outputs, auxiliary audio output for splitting the audio signal to other devices… Best RF and audio. Made in Germany by the experts in professional wireless, the true-diversity EK 6042 delivers solid RF, great sound and robust build quality – continuing to deliver, even after years of rough use. Discover more about our broadcast masterpiece at