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EDUCATION CONTINUED DRIVING THE NEXT GENERATION NEP UK STUDENT OPEN DAY in one of the most high tech OB trucks out in the field is a rare opportunity and students were able to envisage themselves working at a world class sporting event. Sargasso is the second of NEP UK’s four new UHD OB trucks and was on display for the students to witness a real time live broadcast workflow. Focusing on a remote control go-kart race, the next generation saw everything from image capture through to playout – gathering a greater understanding of the process that goes in to producing an outside broadcast. Sargasso, like its sister trucks, is equipped with the latest production equipment from Imagine, SAM, Telex, Calrec and other leading manufacturers. In each stage of the production process a skilled engineer was on hand to discuss how the equipment worked and what part it played within the workflow. Freya Downe, student from Charters School commented, “I loved taking a look at the OB truck and I was shocked to see how much technology was used and how much work it takes to produce a project.” 34 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 119 NOVEMBER 2016 It’s important to note that the industry is on a constant mission to break down the perception that broadcast engineering jobs are for men only. Although it is apparent that the industry is still heavily male dominated, the mere fact NEP UK were able to stage a ‘Women in OB’ panel demonstrates that this barrier is being broken down quickly. Pam Barnes, Engineer for NEP UK recounted, “When I was at school I was told that sound engineer careers were solely for men.” A statement I hope is fast becoming obsolete, if the attendance of the open day is anything to go by. After listening to speakers on the day and students attending NEP UK’s student open day, it is clear that as an industry we need to educate the broadcasters of tomorrow - those already on the path and those who aren’t even aware there is a path to take. NEP UK is taking a step in the right direction in repopulating the industry with talented engineers, after all those experienced individuals have to go to that ‘cottage in Cornwall’. The industry needs to be sure that the next generation is ready and waiting to jump in to action and to do this they need the right training and support.