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CAMERAS € 7500 £ POA Codex » Recorder Panasonic » AJ-HPX3100G CONDITION Used CONDITION Used ITEM ID 176872 ITEM ID 177463 SELLER Somos Broadcast SELLER Digibroadcast Ltd CONTACT +36 1 4608050 CONTACT +44 02087391573 CODEX ON-BOARD-M RECORDER - WITH ALL LICENSE OPTIONARRI RAWCanon RAWUncompressed HDJ2 KMulticamera Support Panasonic AJ-HPX3100G P2 Camcorder. Operating hours show as 00082x10.Please call for pricing information. £ 19500 £ POA PANASONIC » EX-DEMO Panasonic VariCam 35 4K camera kit IKEGAMI » LDK8300 CONDITION Used CONDITION ex-demo ITEM ID 175219 ITEM ID 175961 SELLER Thameside Broadcast SELLER WTS Broadcast CONTACT 01932 240305 CONTACT 02036671921 LDK8300/00 camera heads LDK4880/10 fibre camera adaptors.LDK4583/10 fibre slimline high speed base stations. LDK5031 tripod adaptors.LDK4640 OCP400 RCP’s LDK5302/60. 2” monocular viewfinders. LDK5307/00. 7” LCD studio viewfinders. £ 18500 This product is sold as an ex-demo model. Inspection prior to purchasing is recommended. Images are for illustration purposes only and are not of the specific model for sale. WTS offers a four-month warranty on used and ex-demo models. Please contact WTS on 020 8594 3336 for more information about this product. Ex-demo Panasonic VariCam £ POA LDK 8300 » LDK 8300 Panasonic » HPX-500E CONDITION Used CONDITION Used ITEM ID 177566 ITEM ID 177460 SELLER Thameside Broadcast SELLER Digibroadcast Ltd CONTACT 01932 240305 CONTACT +44 02087391573 LDK 8300 SSM camera head s/n 1LBP1LDK5880/10 Fibre camera adaptor s/n 1LDOSLDDK5302/60 2” HD viewfinder s/n 1DJJ3LDK4583/10 Slimline fibre basestation s/n 245E7LDK4640/10. OCP400 remote w/PSU s/n 19WAJLDK5307/01 7” LED EX DEMO viewfinder. Panasonic AG-HPX500E P2 Camcorder for sale. 01033 operational hours. Please contact us for pricing. £ 3100 € 2800 PANASONIC » AG-HPX301E + lens Panasonic » Panasonic AW- UE70K 4K Remote PTZ Camera CONDITION Used CONDITION New ITEM ID 174837 ITEM ID 175968 SELLER Broadcast Brokers SELLER WTS Broadcast CONTACT +33 1 46 05 66 13 CONTACT 02036671921 3 months warranty Price excludes VAT.A 4K Remote Camera, and an Excellent HD Remote Camera Despite its compact size, the AW-UE70 integrated remote camera is able to deliver 4K images with excellent zoom range and exceptional pan-tilt performance. This camera includes a variety of advanced and intelligent features, like in-camera 4K recording or 4K streaming over IP. The