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MOBILE ENCODING Quicklink has released an updated version of its Midi Backpack mobile encoder that includes a new bonding algorithm and an HEVC codec library. The bonding algorithm helps the Midi Backpack perform better on marginal 3G/4G networks and has reduced latency. The HEVC library increases picture quality with enhanced packet loss concealment. The latter allows more processing power to be offloaded onto the GPU, resulting in reduced power usage which in-turn results in a longer battery life. Version 4 also includes a diversified antenna system that has been designed to improve signal strength, allowing greater available bandwidth. CELLULAR BONDING LiveU has revealed that its kit was used during TV and online coverage of the U.S. Election Day on 8 November 2016. In total, 1,800 portable transmission packs were used to provide nearly 8,000 hours of streaming. The LiveU Central management portal also proved popular, supporting more than 1200 simultaneous streams and managing 17 Tb of data. LiveU co-founder chief operating officer Avi Cohen said: “We’ve provided an affordable and high-quality solution to ensure our national and international customers could adequately cover every angle of the election. We also ramped up our service offerings with on the ground support to give our customers an added layer of support and peace of mind.” On Election Day, LiveU collaborated with campaign management to provide onsite support and extra equipment at both Clinton and Trump Victory Celebration locations. LiveU also deployed a team of engineers and specific Wi-Fi hotspots throughout New York City in order to support its global customer base. Courtesy of Nik Porter - DOP 1.5m to 8m Reach Payloads up to 3.5kg Build time less than 15 minutes Fits in just 1 Pelicase 1770 4 Remote Pan & Tilt Heads Quick to relocate & pack away Fully modular & low profile No Tools required Underwater capable Weighs 16kg unloaded 1 Operator only Transports in a car or small van Perfect for restrictive access areas Versatile camera platform Carbon Fibre & Aluminium design Polecam is the recognised Global leader in lightweight, modular, rapid deployment carbon fibre camera crane platforms - perfect for your 4K, Hi Speed & HD cameras Ask us about the Polecam Starter Pack Plus (PSP+) Polecam Professional Pack (PPP) Polecam Fishface Underwater (PFU) Contact E: T: +44 (0) 1234 855 222 W: KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 120 December 2016 | 25