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VIDEO HEADENDS ATEME has announced two new contract wins. The first is with the satellite media platform Orion, which covers Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and includes the purchase of Kyrion encoders. Based on the ATEME fifth generation Stream compression engine, the Kyrion provides high baseband video quality at minimum bitrates. It is designed for contribution over satellite and IP networks. The second deal is with Televarpi, a subsidiary of Faroese Telecom and the incumbent telecommunications provider of the Faroe Islands. Televarpi has deployed ATEME’s compression and statistical multiplexing solutions for its DVB-T, IPTV and OTT services. The new statmux head-end uses ATEME TITAN to deliver 50 IPTV/OTT and 32 DTT channels across the Faroe Islands. UHD OTT At Inter BEE, Harmonic demonstrated how its acquisition of Thomson Video Networks can help broadcasters that are looking to provide OTT and UHD HDR services, improve bandwidth efficiency and streamline their playout operations. Tony Berthaud, vice president, sales, Asia-Pacific at Harmonic, said: “In the Asia-Pacific market, UHD adoption is strong. In fact, a portion of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be broadcast in UHD and distributed over-the-top. At Inter BEE 2016, we demonstrated how Harmonic is leading the charge, enabling broadcasters to launch traditional and OTT services faster, at a lower total cost of ownership, and with superior video quality than the competition.” The technology displayed included IP playout, cloud- native, UHD HDR and video compression optimisation solutions. On the stand was a complete UHD HDR workflow powered by the Harmonic Pure Compression Engine. The set-up supported delivery of both live and VOD UHD content with HDR. ANALYTICS Soliton Systems and Wowza Media Systems have teamed up to offer a live video capture and IP distribution option to producers and broadcasters. The integration allows users to send live video from a remote location via 3G/4G networks, and then playout to any device around the world. Soliton’s decoding software, HDView, connects automatically to the Wowza Streaming Cloud, and this can in turn provide an array of additional services from multi-delivery to encoding, which can be used for OTT, VOD and other IP based multi-device delivery platforms. Hiroshi Ochiai, product manager at Soliton Systems, said: “Our integration with Wowza has proved very successful, and we have made it easy for our customers to automatically expand their media workflows to take advantage of cloud based features.” Genius Digital has launched a set of audience analytics applications called the Advanced Advertising Solutions product suite. Designed to work within Pay-TV, OTT and advertising workflows, they are said to provide insight that will lead to quick improvements to ad yields, sell-rates and prices. The four modules include 360 Degree Selling, which allows operators to aggregate Live, DVR, VOD and OTT audiences for and selling and targeting, Behavioural Selling, which replaces demographic ad buying and selling with behavioural targeting, and Data Matching. The latter uses third party databases in combination with viewer data in an effort to more accurately reach a premium audience with non-premium inventory. “I think its clear that TV buyers and sellers recognise that the days are numbered of TV advertising being primarily targeted using traditional demographic tools and measured through viewing panel currencies,” said Tom Weiss, chief executive of Genius Digital VIDEO CONTRIBUTION KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 120 December 2016 | 29