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“meh” isn’t ultimately going to cut it in a virtual, augmented, or any other world. However, in the same scenario, everything comes to life in 8k. At 8k you have enough pixels to easily map an entire 360 degree panorama to breathtaking effect and still have headroom. So for anyone who wants to provide a truly immersive experience, whether in VR or television, 8k is not at all far-fetched. And that’s something that broadcasters don’t quite get yet. However, I grant you that at the moment I have no idea where I’d stream 8k-produced content. That said, if you’re committed to VR, and want to do it properly, it will eventually need to be in 8k, so why not start experimenting with it now? It’s already easy enough for us to do, why shouldn’t it be for you? If you are in a VR scenario and want to zoom in on something, you need more damn pixels, but a lot of people still don’t understand that. I always tell them, “Look at Google Maps’ street view. Do you think the resolution is great? No? Maybe? If not, why not?” It was, after all, shot with the best technology available at the time. But what you’re missing in relation to VR is that it can now be done with technology that is 16 times better. If you’re going to do VR properly, you’ve got to get closer, you’ve got to have different angles, and all of that means you need as many pixels as you can get. So, the need for resolution is always going to rise, and there are a massive number of potential applications, some we have thought of, others that for now remain an illusion, but discovering and developing what those are is a large part what the ImmesiaTV project is all about. The results of the project are some way off, but in 8k and above, at least they will look real at any distance. SPECIALISTS IN WIRED & WIRELESS TALLY p PROGRAM & PREVIEW p WIRELESS / UP TO 2KM p WIRED / OVER CAT5/6 ADD PROFESSIONAL TALLY TO YOUR PRODUCTIONS. STARTER PACKS AVAILABLE FROM £649* WIRED / £999* WIRELESS p TIMECODE / OVER WIRELESS p SYSTEMS / UP TO 64-CHANNELS p MIX WIRED+WIRELESS *excluding VAT Tally Technologies is distributed by Global Distribution. Please call us on 01223 228000 for further information or to locate an authorised reseller. Kitplus_2016_October_Tally_HP.indd 1 06/10/2016 11:02:34 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 120 December 2016 | 41