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AUDIO PROCESSING STORYBOARDING Sky Deutschland will use Junger Audio’s D*AP audio processing units within a new sports programming broadcast centre being constructed in Unterfhring, near Munich. Known as the Cube, the new centre will open this year and will include studios, galleries, editing and production facilities plus continuity suites. Supplied kit includes two D*AP Codec Edition 8-channel surround processors and two D*AP FLX 8-channel surround processors, all of which have SDI and Dante interfaces. These will be used to decode Dolby from incoming feeds so that channel shuffling and mix preconditioning can be applied to individual national feeds. In addition, Junger Audio has supplied four D*AP TAP Edition 8-channel surround television audio processors, which will be used for loudness management and final Dolby E encoding. Eight XAP RMI universal remote control panels will control the entire audio processing system. The equipment was supplied via Qvest Media. A storyboarding software application that was developed in-house by the San Francisco-based design and production company Swordfish is to be made available to the wider industry. Boardfish is a standalone page layout application that instantly assembles panels into a professional storyboard layout that can then be edited and customised. The product will be brought to market by Swordfish’s sister company Mekajiki. Matt Silverman, executive creative director and chief executive of Mekajiki and Swordfish, said: “Most of our projects require some sort mood boards, storyboards, UX flows, shooting boards and I have always been frustrated by the inefficient toolsets found in our off-the-shelf software for assembling boards. I’ve helped design and develop storyboard plug-ins and scripts for After Effects and InDesign, but nothing completely solved my production problems. I finally decided that the only way to do it right was to build a full-blown OS X application.” Boardfish can be used in conjunction with drawings, photos, 3D models and UX wireframes. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 121 January 2017 | 15