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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER CELLULAR BONDING Norwegian public broadcaster NRK has placed an order for more than 60 LiveU LU600 portable transmission units. Steinar Bjorlykke, NRK regional chief technology officer said of the upgrade: “Norway is a geographically challenging country that often makes using satellite or microwave too difficult. Having one of the world’s best 3G and now 4G networks meant that using cellular bonding, and specifically LiveU, was an obvious choice. It gives us the flexibility to contribute from almost anywhere in Norway as well as most of the developed world.” The LU600 can deliver video at speeds of up to 20Mbps and has an 80Mbps file transfer option. It is field upgradeable to H.265 (HEVC). LiveU’s Scandinavian partner Mediability oversaw the upgrade. VIDEO DELIVERY INFRASTRUCTURE Ukrkosmos, the state-appointed operator of satellite telecommunications systems in the Ukraine, has bought Harmonic video compression technology to support its new teleport offering for direct-to-home (DTH) service delivery. Included in the deal is Harmonic’s Electra X2 advanced media processor which provides high-quality, low-bandwidth MPEG- 2 and MPEG-4 AVC variable-bitrate encoding of SD and HD video content for live DTH services. Yuri Balychev, first deputy general director at Ukrkosmos, said: “Our new teleport service is unique to the marketplace, as it allows local DTH operators to use several satellites simultaneously, based on factors such as capacity and geographical location. To get the most out of the teleport’s bandwidth, we needed to partner with an expert in video compression solutions.” Electra X2 supports a variety of formats and codecs including HEVC. INTERACTIVE VIDEO Axonista has appointed former AOL president of video and studios Dermot McCormack to its board where he will sit as a non-executive director. His addition will bring “a wealth of knowledge and deep insight into online video across the US market, and will help to guide our strategic business plans,” the company said. At AOL, McCormack led original content creation, studio management and AOL’s video and OTT business across a wide variety of brands, including 14 AolOn Channels, The Huffington Post, AOL, Techcrunch, Engadget and AolOn Network. He has previously worked at Viacom where he drove all non-linear brand initiatives for MTV, VH1, CMT and Logo. Axonista is behind the interactive video platform Ediflo. CABLING Comcast has become the first service provider to deploy Universal Electronics’ QuickSet Cloud. Integrated with Comcast’s X1 Entertainment Operating System, the software is enabling automated set up for users that want to make use of the X1’s Voice Remote. According to Universal Electronics, QuickSet Cloud, which is accessed by X1 through web APIs, offers the “most complete database to ensure that nearly all consumer entertainment devices can be automatically recognised and controlled with a software handshake.” Jonathan Palmatier, vice president, product development and consumer devices at Comcast Cable, said: “What excites us about this feature is that it brings our customers closer to the experiences they love. Instead of fumbling with remote codes and instructions, they can just unbox a new remote and start discovering great content right away.” Argosy will debut a new UHD/4k cable offering at BVE in London next month (28 February - 2 March) and show off its MUDIGSA connectors and its MUDIGSA video patch. “With the increasing demand for UHD/4k content, broadcasters are ramping up 4k production and upgrading their infrastructure to manage this,” said Chris Smeeton, managing director, Argosy. “We’re positioning ourselves at the forefront of 4k provision by offering a solid one-stop 4k solution that guarantees the same high quality signal transportation that our customers have come to expect from us over the past 30 years.” Also on show will be the company’s ATEN range of KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) products. CONTROL AND SENSING 24 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 121 January 2017