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operational cost of a MAM service is far more affordable than the capital cost of establishing and maintaining a manual working environment, especially if you’re customizing that environment from one day to the next to accommodate each customer’s ingest and metadata requirements. Now that cloud MAM solutions have matured, sustaining a MAM service is an opex cost connected to the cost of doing business - and therefore easier to justify. Furthermore, If that’s not enough of a business cloud-native MAM services also offer an incentive to adopt a cloud-based MAM intangible return: Customers will come KitPlus 180x123.5.qxp_Layout 1 14:40 additional services because solution, ad then consider the ROI. The 02/12/2016 back for Page 1 project. But because it would take too much time to find what they need, the production must resort to buying new footage or creating the asset from scratch instead. A well-planned MAM strategy built on the right cloud MAM solution makes that wasteful practice a thing of the past, because you’ll always be able to find relevant work quickly and solve problems for your customer, which only improves your reputation. you’re managing their content effectively, and the improved quality and consistent delivery will increase their faith in your service. In other words, leveraging cloud- native MAM services means smaller post companies can promote and deliver big service to their customers. By taking the time to catalog and store customers’ content properly, smaller postproduction companies can elevate their businesses beyond the existing project into a long-term, sustainable relationship based on improved quality and context in the finished project. Be proud of your sound Wireless Mics Wireless IEM/IFB Radio Talkback RF over Fibre visit email KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 121 January 2017 | 43