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Running TMD software in the cloud ensures that the familiar and expected functionality is available. Central to this is something that we now take for granted in an archive application: partial restoration of files. Imagine you are an editor charged with making a suite of trailers for a new drama series. You really do not want to copy multiple high- resolution, hour-long programmes into your edit computer when all you need is a few seconds from each. That is a doubly important consideration when the master content is not on a server network in your facility but in the cloud. Even ignoring download charges, the time taken to transfer tens or possibly hundreds of gigabytes of data would be a complete block on productivity. So the desired cloud archive storage application must include a proxy viewer so the user can browse at frame-accurate low resolution, to choose clips, then recover and download only those clips at full resolution. That is one of the key feature of Coeus. The system has a simple, web-based interface, designed to be used by real people not IT experts. The fact that it is web-based means it can be used anywhere, provided the operator has the right credentials. So if you are shooting on location, your camera operator or DIT can upload the selected takes each day, making them instantly available to the editor, producer and anyone else who wants to work on them or check progress. What we set out to do with Coeus is to create a cloud storage and archive solution which is readily accessible and instantly available. Set- up is simple, archive maintenance is intuitive for real-world users, and costs are clear and manageable. Because the underlying cloud data centre is designed for media files, security structures are appropriate to keep the content from prying eyes. Already we are seeing the industry welcoming this fresh approach to cloud provision, combining the best available software with a media-aware data centre. Because Coeus is self-provisioning in an intuitive way, users are finding that it delivers on the promise of software as a service, providing the key requirements of secure transfers, simple viewing, partial restore for fast and efficient recovery, and practical storage for working materials and long-term archiving. MTF Services Tel 0208 881 7850 LONDON Mini Prime lenses for M/43 and E Mount Cameras Introducing the new B4 to Canon EF for 2k An optical adaptor that can be used on EF mount cameras such as the BMD Mini Ursa Visit us on stand N24 Professional power solutions High capacity High draw Now with Wifi control and monitoring Flexible LED lighting panels Lightweight and water resistant Battery (BPU or V Lock) or mains powered Available in daylight or Bi colour Brightness and colour temperature control Accessories available including lighting stand, Batteries, chargers, ac adaptors and inflatable soft box KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 121 January 2017 | 53