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POST PRODUCTION Steffan Hewitt Polecam. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW FROM POLECAM - A SUPER! SMPTE SYSTEM In any OB, a big issue is always cables, the less cables you have, the better for all concerned and if just one cable was possible then it would be ideal. Originally we used to have Triax, a heavy duty coax cable that could multiplex power as well. Now we have SMPTE, all the same but fibre optic offering advantages with much more range and flexibility. The Polecam is more than just a camera crane, it is a platform and when fully configured could have up to 7 cables involving power, data, video and comms. (if a manned system), a look at what is happening, a PAL signal for Syncs as well as 2 x audio channels. Additionally there is also 60W of power available which will run for at least 200m, otherwise 10km as just a fibre signal, all down the one SMPTE cable. Confirmation indicator lights for video, power and SMPTE cable connection make trouble shooting much easier. Video inputted has a green light, when it arrives at the other end, another green light illuminates. Power has a green light too and when the SMPTE cable connection is complete, both green indicator lights change to orange, this shows whoever is installing the system that the cable connection is good. Would it not be great, when the OB company asks “what cables you need?” the answer is simple - “One SMPTE cable please.!” Two channels of audio complete the system, allowing a headset with belt pack to be used with the system as well. This saves using a radio which not only needs a licensed frequency but also charging up at the end of everyday. Channel One Audio is modified, making it Polecam RCP data friendly. One leg of the balanced input has been connected to ground by joining pins 1 & 3 together. This is because the Polecam RCP has a transformer output which is labelled Polecam/Camera Corps Control Data. “Super SMPTE” is a Polecam friendly fibre system that mounts directly to the right hand side V-mount battery plate on the back of the Polecam. Polecam friendly means that the connectors are all orientated to make it easy to use on a Polecam as well as allowing it to be enclosed in the standard Polecam weather protective covers. The Super SMPTE has been designed to be multi-functional for cameras such as the Antelope Pico and the Toshiba IK-4K and IK- HD5 cameras; with RCP control for all cameras with whatever data style is required. Super SMPTE allows 2x 3G-HD signals to be sent back to the truck with bi-directional RS-232/422/485 data as well as an Ethernet connector. A return 3G-HD signal for programme return provides the operator 60 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 121 January 2017 Steffan Hewitt of Polecam has worked closely with MiBroadcast to bring this Super SMPTE system to the market and has more recently been used at Wembley Stadium where is worked with Arena TV faultlessly. The next challenging step for the system will be the harsh environments of the mountains of Kitzbühel for the World Cup Downhill Skiing.