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£ POA Dedolight » K3x650S CONDITION ex-demo SELLER Gearhouse Broadcast ITEM ID 177908 CONTACT +974 44 583 422 Kit contains3 x DLH650 Light head 650 W 3 x DFH400 Filter holder 3 x DBD400 Barn door, 3 x DLS400 Light shield ring, 2 x DGRADF400-06 Graduated glass filter, 3 x DSCK400 Scrim kit, 3 x DSCP400 Scrim pouch, 3 x DST400 Stand , 1 x DSCST Stand bag, 5 x DL650T27 Lamp 650 W, 1 x DCHD3x6 Hard case £ 1500 Dedolight » SYS-DLH4 Full Kit CONDITION ex-demo ITEM ID 175994 SELLER ES Broadcast CONTACT 01923 650 080 3 x Dedo DLH4 heads3 x Stands3 x Dimmer Controls3 x 150w LampsDedo Softcase £ 1615 Feloni Manfrotto » TP-LONI-BI50HO LED Light Head CONDITION Used ITEM ID 176860 SELLER ITinStock CONTACT 02088821111 2 x Feloni TP-LONI-BI50HO LED Light Head Manfrotto Tripod Extending Stand StudioP/N BI50HOIn Good ConditionFully WorkingSigns of useIncluded: 2 x Feloni TP-LONI-BI50HO LED Light Head Manfrotto Tripod Extending Stand StudioThis includes2 x TP-LONI-BI50HO LED Light Heads2 x Manfrotto Tripod Extending Light Stands4 x Power Lok Worried about Fraud? We are sometimes asked if a seller is are our top five tips before you even decide to part with your cash.... 1. Does the seller know what they are selling? Ask some questions that they should know the answer to. 2. Ask to see a photo of the item next to a daily newspaper 3. Try to get to know them, what business are they in, what did they use it for? 4. If possible arrange to meet face to face to view the item, or get a local trusted contact to do it for you. £ 3800 Kino-Flo » Select 30 CONDITION ex-demo SELLER ES Broadcast ITEM ID 176000 CONTACT 01923 650 080 Twin LED Lighting Kit Including:2 x Select LED Fixture2 x Mounting Plate2 x Select 150 Extension2 x Select 150 DMX Controller2 x StandFlight Cased 5. Use your common sense if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!