Eye to Eye Eye to Eye (or in this case Ear to Ear) Audio acquisition and production by David Kirk R emembering the days when the average 'portable' sound recorder was heavy enough to induce a hernia, I have high respect for the capabilities of modern digital audio devices. Not least the solid-state recorders that have emerged as successors to the Sony-originated DAT and MiniDisk formats. But avoid anything that lacks XLR connectors unless you are willing to risk the intermittent signal loss caused by minijacks. My remit here is to summarise some of the newest kit across the whole audio sector in a tight 1 kilowords. So without further ado... AKG Acoustics' new WMS 4500 wireless microphone system is designed to handle multiple users and multi-channel applications. It is is available in two new frequency bands: Band 7 (500-530 MHz) and Band 8 (570-600 MHz), offering more options for multichannel systems in today's crowded RF environment. The system's components, the SR4500 receiver unit, the PT 4500 emitter, and the HT 4500 handheld microphone unit offer new features and new construction. Squelch threshold, carrier frequency selection, and the listed user name can be edited and stored with an easy-to-use menu. Clear-Com Communication Systems has introduced Version 5 of its Eclipse Digital Matrix System. Acting as a central switching unit for communications across a broadcast operation, it offers expanded connectivity options between frames and panels and simplifies the user interface of its configuration software. Multiple Eclipse systems can be combined as one non-blocking matrix using redundant highcapacity fibre, resulting in a large, high-quality, full-duplex communications system for mobile production and studio integration. Crystal Vision's new Synner HD combines a video synchroniser, tracking audio delay, audio embedder, extractor and audio processor on one 100 x 266 mm board. It also includes features for processing Dolby E and can combine this with standard AES audio. If the Dolby E is locked to the input, it will be delayed and timed so that the Dolby E data is correctly aligned with the video frame. DiGiCo's new SD8 incorporates many features of the company's D Series in compact unit. Features include a 37 faders, each with >> Page 40 of 100