NAB 2009 Report by David Kirk y general consensus, this year's NAB Spring Convention, or 'NABshow' as it styles itself, was one of the best ever. Wider aisles and a respectable rather than manic level of attendance made the event, in the words of one exhibitor, 'Business Class'. NAB was always the prototype show where you could sense the directions in which manufacturers were trying to steer the broadcast business. Like it or not, B this year's message was loud and clear: 3D HDTV. The 3D demos came in many varieties, most using a combination of fieldfrequency switched-polarity screen-shield and nose-worn passive polarising filters. Results were generally good though whether the 3D effect justified the nuisance of wearing the goggles is a matter of personal taste. Other exhibitors used an array of extremely thin vertical lenses to permit directview 3D the 3D postcard concept - while a smaller number such as NHK used >> Page 34 of 100 TV-BAY030APR09_MAG.indd 34 8/5/09 11:03:10