Eye to Eye BVE 2011 Retrospect by David Kirk VE 2011 had much of the buoyancy and buzz of an IBC. The organisers claimed an attendance of over 16,000 visitors and 240 exhibiting companies. Many of the UK-based stalwarts who make the annual pilgrimage to Amsterdam could be seen exploring the show, confirming that BVE is now taken seriously by mainstream broadcasters. It is perhaps over-optimistic to expect much innovation just two months before NAB though in fact some manufacturers were pre-showing products that will be formally introduced in Las Vegas. The following is an encapsulation of some of the new kit that attracted my attention... B Aspen Media A TG Broadcast A spen Media exhibited the Stagetec On Air 24 production mixing console, designed for radio and small studios. This allows each buyer to predetermine the layout of the work surface and to add further banks of faders if or when required. As with all the other desks in the Stagetec range, the On Air 24 is configured and controlled via the Nexus routing system. TG Broadcast announced its appointment as a UK-based reseller of the Viewcast product range, including Niagara streaming media modules, Osprey video capture cards and software-based processors. Designed for broadcast applications, the Niagara 7500 simplifies the delivery of high-definition video over IP and mobile networks including live streaming to Apple iPhones and iPads. Audio inputs include analog stereo, two channels of AES/EBU and up to eight stereo pairs of embedded SDI audio. Video pre-processing capabilities include closed-caption extraction and rendering, deinterlacing, inverse telecine, bitmap overlay, scaling and cropping. The Niagara 7500 comes standard with ViewCast SimulStream technology which allows a single 1080i HD video source to generate several video streams simultaneously. For-A or-A showed its new HVS-350HS 1.5 M/E compact low-cost vision mixer. This supports a wide range of on-air presentation styles and reduces the need for external interface and monitoring equipment. The standard eight HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs have frame synchronisers on each input and resizing engines on four. Asynchronous signals, including HD and SD, can be directly mixed into the programme. The range of inputs can be extended to also include analogue and PC video. Also shown was the LTR-100HS Video Archive Recorder. This has front-panel VTR-style controls and an LTO-5 data-tape transport which provides 1.5 terabytes of storage per cassette, representing 50 hours of 1080/59.94 HD at 50 Mbit/s. The LTR-100HS inputs/outputs HD/SD-SDI. Cel-Scope3D A new addition to the Cel-Scope3D stereoscopic analyser was introduced by Cel-Soft. An automatic logging option generates a printable report of depth budget and depth plot for easy reference by cameramen during a shoot or by editors during 3D post-production. A depth chart is automatically created, logging against timecode the maximum and minimum depth values employed, together with the range in use. F 34 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE