Where is the real source of digital creativity? by Ben Darby, Communications, StreamUK he summit of Live music has always been dominated by large bands, filling arenas consisting of high production values, funded by record labels and advertisers looking to attain a huge audience. The opposite end of the music spectrum however, still holds a colossal circuit of unsigned bands, desperately promoting on the streets to get the crowds that are worth playing for. T StreamUK's media platform which So how might the digital era have helped was then delivered globally on bridge the gap in production cost to Level 3's Content Delivery Network. sustain the livelihood of unsigned artists? The technological capacity of the In October 2010, online video streaming partnership opened up a debate regarding the potential of online video experts StreamUK teamed up with the streaming as well as its benefits for Roundhouse in Camden to embark on unsigned artists eager to share their an innovative project. `Black Box' is a work with the internet masses. series of creative showcases filmed and produced live at the Roundhouse In March the partnership look to take on and streamed live on Myspace. their next technological challenge. The previous `Black Box' showcases used "The first 10 minutes generated over various experimental digital techniques 40,000 viewers whilst social media to offer internet viewers something much was used as an intermediary tool to different. The online video streaming guide information and send broadcast aspect encouraged the directors to notifications .The statistics provided by push the boundaries and implement the StreamUK/Level 3 media platform gave clear and concise reports of online visuals that would not be possible in live shows and the next project will traffic and in-depth specifics for the do just that. "You wouldn't know him" is project's success with online activity." a theatre event, filmed live from Texas "The result was a creative initiative (US) and London (UK) and edited live achieving substantial social recognition, for the stream to an online audience. which evolved into a visually recognised The main theme of the theatre event brand, utilising an effective media is to express that even though these platform through creative talent." individuals are situated so far apart, in It wasn't long until the online audience the digital age it really doesn't matter. figures were reaching the size of Using `Skype' the actors shall interact Wembley Stadium's seating capacity, and play live, supported entirely by quickly drawing an immense reality the reliability of modern technology. that these artists were indeed StreamUK are currently exploring playing to arena sized audiences. new ways to test the waters of digital "The overall success of previous events innovation. Many of our clients request a alerted Myspace, and on the day of our 5th event in February, it was advertised on the Myspace homepage for 15 hours before the showcase went live" Filmed, edited and encoded live, the footage was streamed via `StreamMP' 60 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE technological solution for storing, editing and utilising video content for various purposes, yet it is always a privileged responsibility of ours to suggest new ways in which we can employ and consume video content online. The need for ultimate quality and secure management of video content has increased rapidly, with AV information swarming the internet, it still proves to be the ultimate tool in communications. The freedom to manage, edit and customise your content through platforms online, also now passes creativity into the hands of our customers, where now features such as monetising can translate a creative feature into a commercial benefit. The past decade has taught industries that although production houses and agencies might have always been the source of original creativity, increased digital capabilities have encouraged us to occupy new developments with facilities that are ultimately bespoke and efficient for our clients. The success of our new media platforms has required the need for advanced settings and optimisation so users can make more of their content. www.streamuk.com