Transforming post production with content supply chain management companies to securely and seamlessly exchange Tony Lapolito is vice president, content with business product management and marketing partners outside the for Signiant, a pioneering provider of enterprise. This exchange content supply chain management is complicated by the software that empowers global increased size of the files organizations to automate, accelerate, required to traverse the and simplify the movement of content. network, with "super HD" formats such as 1080p hese are challenging 50/60, and even 3D times for postbecoming more prevalent. production companies Working in these new and operations. Even the most formats often requires sophisticated post houses moving files that are two are scrambling to evolve their to 10 times the size of SD, content chains in the face of gameputting additional strain on changing trends: the move from tape- to the content supply chain. file-based workflows, the growth of new distribution outlets and windows, and the Content supply chain management drive towards same-day-and-date release (CSCM) solutions such as Signiant are designed to address these challenges of major motion pictures a critical strategy for capturing maximum revenue for post operations, by interconnecting the supply chain and aggregating all and increasing ROI. Indeed, traditionally content processing and distribution in-house post functions such as editing, tasks. Via accelerated content transport, dubbing, and special effects have been transformed by today's digital workflows, CSCM enables the rapid, reliable, and efficient movement of very large enabling them to be outsourced to freelancers and smaller specialty groups. files, even up to 1 TB. An end-to-end security model based on B2B content This decentralization brings the promise peering enables content to flow across of lowered costs and greater flexibility, but company boundaries seamlessly and it also requires significant coordination without interruptions, while maintaining and collaboration in order to ensure enterprise security policies. In addition, that interdependencies adhere to the the ideal CSCM solution provides a schedule. Plus, such a scheme is centrally managed suite of resources for absolutely dependent on a reliable tracking content exchanges and resystem for the business-to-business prioritizing bandwidth, to ensure that files transfer of digital assets enabling post are delivered with first-class efficiency. by Tony Lapolito T Through content process automation, CSCM eliminates inefficient manual processes along with the delays and errors that are sometimes inevitable with human intervention. In fact, organizations can expect a 50 percent productivity gain through automation of content processes, with solid cost savings from 30 percent to 1,000 percent over the old manual, tape-based methods for exchanging content assets. CSCM, therefore, is much more than a scheme for moving large files from one point to another. When implemented correctly, CSCM can lead the way for post organizations to cost effectively adopt file based workflows, gain control of their assets, scale their digital business, and capture new distribution window opportunities that will transform the business. GET A HANDLE ON YOUR LOUDNESS BEFORE IT'S OUT OF THE BOX With a price right for everyone in the production chain, Pandora helps you keep loudness contained before it's ever a problem. Monitors and logs up to 8 channels of SDI or AES audio One-button setup supports both ATSC and EBU standards Easy to use iPod touch based interface Unleash Pandora for yourself at NAB 2011, #N2524 +1 888 5 WOHLER 60 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE