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T he Sonifex Redbox RB- TGHD is an 8 channel audio tone generator that provides line identification for multi-channel audio systems, including BLITS 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound typically used in high definition television broadcasts. By using a range of widely accepted industry standard tone sequences, channel identification and associated levels can be determined easily. Correct channel configuration in fold-down mixes can also be highlighted when a broadcaster needs to mix several audio channels into a stereo feed. Available tone sequences include EBU R49, GLITS and BLITS stereo line-up, EBU R49 and BLITS channel identification and a standard Phase check. It caters for 2, 4, 6 and 8 channel configurations and all of the available audio tone sequences for each channel configuration can be cycled through automatically, or selected manually. A loop mode allows patterns of tones to be repeated. A bank of 4 pushbuttons on the front panel sets these options and the associated LEDs indicate the current setting. A set of 8 LEDs on the front panel indicate audio presence for each output channel. It is available in two variations, each providing both analogue and digital audio outputs. The RB- TGHDX offers balanced AES/EBU digital audio outputs on 3 pin XLR connectors and the RB-TGHDB has unbalanced digital audio outputs on BNC connectors. Both types also provide 8 balanced analogue outputs on 3 pin XLR connectors. Product Spotlight The Sonifex Redbox RB-TGHDB multi- channel high definition tone generator Accessible audio measurement and quality control using the Black Box range from BCD Audio T he BCD Audio black box range includes three units intended for Digital Audio measurement. Primarily intended for use at installation time, they are also useful in checking out the audio side of a TV installation. The DTG-1 is a portable, hand- held device which produces a variety of standard tones and BBC/ EBU GLITs in AES-EBU format. It is indispensable for testing AES- EBU systems within an installation, laboratory or service department. The unit is optimised for use with 48 KHz sample rates, and can be locked to an external Wordclock. The unit is DC powered, with an internal battery, for easy use in the field. The Jitterbug is optimised to measure and test AES3 signals from an installation point of view. The signal carrier frequency and peak-jitter, normal and common- mode voltage levels, and uniquely the termination impedance are measurable. Balanced 110R and unbalanced 75R audio circuits can be checked out. Front panel push- buttons decide the test mode, and the little LED alphanumeric display shows the result. with front panel display, but is also controllable from a PC. Sweeps, test sequences and specific channel status information can be generated using the PC software. The audio signal is passed to a small internal loudspeaker and mini jack for headphones. An error log mode allows the unit to be left testing a signal and freezes when an error is found. The unit also measures Wordclock level, frequency and jitter. The unit is perfectly usable standalone, but can be connected to a PC, where more information can be displayed. Mike Law 01753 579 524 The Humbug can produce a wide range of signal levels and test frequencies, and is complementary to the Jitterbug. It generates AES3 on XLR at 48 KHz or 96 KHz, with optional DARS and wordclock reference. Switches adjust the audio level and frequency, mute left and right, Vflag and phase check signal with front panel display. The unit is runnable stand-alone Contact: BCD Audio Ltd Purchase from on-line store at Product Spotlight by Mike Law, MD of BCD Audio, Slough 34 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 79 JULY 2013 TV-BAY079JUL13.indd 34 09/07/2013 16:51