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Tritium NEW! Vision Tritium High End Production Power on a Mid-Size Budget Introducing Vision Tritium 3 MLE Production Switchers with Vision Octane production power. Tritium combines the stunning Vision Octane feature set within an incredibly budget sensitive new package. With Vision Tritium you can own a beautiful Vision series modular 3 MLE panel with your choice of 24 or 32 direct access crosspoint buttons, featuring a massive 48 x 32 SDI I/O, 2 x Dual Head MultiViewers TM , 16 Keyers, 6 channels of real 3D DVE and Vision’s intuitive user interface. It also includes DashBoard with PanelBuilder TM and RossTalk protocol for perfect production system integration. Tritium is also fully expandable, more MLE’s, DVE’s, Multiviewers and I/O can be added by using Vision Octane components, including control panel modules. The most significant Vision Tritium feature is it’s price point, never before has so much production power been available for so little. TV-BAY079JUL13.indd 63 09/07/2013 16:52