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IBC Preview 4K, The Cloud, IP Networking & Immersive Audio Blackmagic Production Camera 4K by Will Strauss I BC 2013 will be bristling with talk of 4K, the Cloud, IP networking and Immersive Audio, predicts Will Strauss. Writing an IBC preview when the show itself is still seven weeks away is never easy. Despite best intentions, lots of exhibitors haven’t yet shown their hands (or are still deciding which cards to play) and many of those that have, are really not giving much away. However, fear not dear reader. The next two pages will not be blank. While pinpointing the most exciting product announcements almost two months out is pretty tricky, there are already themes emerging. So, in my role as tv-bay’s chief prognosticator, here are four things that are (almost) guaranteed to cause a stir at IBC (and details of how you can find out more). 4K and all that jazz... OK, so this didn’t require much guesswork. 4K is the hot favourite to be the big story of IBC 2013. Whether we like it or not, consumer electronics manufacturers want us to upgrade our TVs. 3D didn’t persuade many of us. 4K might. As a result, consultants are predicting that global 4K TV set sales will reach 22m units by 2017. To put that in context, less than one million will be sold this year. Consequently, the people that make, sell, supply and install broadcast and production technology are throwing the kitchen sink at 4K products. Quantel Pablo Rio On the high-end post side, check out Quantel (7.A20) and its Pablo Rio, a software-based colour correction and finishing system that can handle 4K at 60fps and delivers 20 layers of real-time full resolution 4K colour correction. 40 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 80 AUGUST 2013 Matrox Mojito 4K video monitoring card But that is just the beginning. There will be whole 4K workflows possible soon with IBC showcasing everything from a Matrox Mojito 4K (7.B29) quad 3G-SDI 4K video monitoring card to a Thomson Video Networks (14.A10) Ultra-HD playout system that uses HEVC compression. Sony F55 At IBC you can expect Arri (11. F21) to finally bite the 4K bullet and offer up Ultra-HD (UHD) capabilities for its Alexa range. Then you’ve got the Blackmagic Design (7.H20) 4K Production Camera that was announced at NAB plus there are the various options from Sony (12.A10) such as the F55. While production tools will be plentiful, the big question might be: can anyone transmit 4K. DVB (1.D81) will try to answer that, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, by demonstrating its DVB-T2 standard delivering both a 4K signal (utilising HEVC encoding) and a mobile signal in a single 8MHz channel. If that doesn’t float your boat, or you need to rest your weary legs, pop over to conference room E102 on 15 September at 11:00 where the SMPTE will present “Beyond HD: The Technology Landscape for Future Broadcasting”. Here Dr. Hans Hoffmann of the EBU will introduce an extensive review of the definition of UHD, the publication of the SMPTE UHDTV Study Group report and explore the lessons learned from 4K work carried out at the 2013 Wimbledon Tennis Championships. A panel session will follow.