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8.E61 New audio for TV products S onifex are exhibiting over a dozen new products at IBC this year. Marcus Brooke, Managing Director of Sonifex said: “IBC is the main platform for Sonifex to launch and showcase new product designs and this year we have a number of broadcast product additions to interest our customers. Our new talkback and communications products include two headphone amp belt-packs and GSM/PSTN comms links for our talkback controller”. The new portable, battery powered belt packs are the CM-BH4W 2-wire/4-wire headphone amp with speaker and the CM-BHA headphone amplifier with limiter & loudspeaker, for use in live applications such as in-the-field news reports. The CM-BH4W uses audio transformers at its input and output, providing galvanic isolation and ensuring that communications are loud and clear. It can operate in 4-wire and IFB modes with an AGC to maintain output level, using a talk switch which can be latching or momentary. The CM-BHA has a wide incoming signal gain and an adjustable limiter to prevent and indicate excessive levels. Both units have a long battery life (up to 200 hours on one 9V battery) and a low battery warning LED. Extending legacy analogue equipment into digital distribution systems P ESA, a leading U.S-based custom design and manufacturing company for professional audio and video signal distribution, have announced four new easyPORT analog/digital multi-point utility converter/switchers that support up to four inputs. The compact throw-downboxes are ideal for temporary or permanent solutions to integrate legacy analog equipment into a facilitys digital workflow. The EASY-4ADX4B and EASY-4ADX4F deliver 10-bit conversion of composite analog video to SDI. Both accept NTSC/PAL composite inputs and feature 4x oversampling. The EASY-4BX4DA and EASY- 4FX4DA allow SDI video to be converted to analog video in NTSC/ PAL, with fiber or coax SDI inputs. A built-in utility switch allows full crosspoint switching for all inputs. 06 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 81 SEPTEMBER 2013