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Cellular bonding Now and going forward by Ronen Artman, VP of Marketing, LiveU 2 013 has seen the possibilities of LiveU’s cellular bonding technology recognised more widely than ever before. LiveU backpacks and other portable devices have been a frequent sight in every major news, entertainment and sporting event, including the US Presidential Elections, Boston Bombings, Oklahoma Tornadoes, Nelson Mandela health crisis in South Africa, Papal resignation in Rome, and coverage of the Royal Baby. Announced at the end of August, LiveU has been recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer. Consisting of 36 companies, the winners comprise what the World Economic Forum has selected as the world’s most innovative technology start-ups. The companies are recognised for their potential to transform the future of business and society. 2013 has also seen CNBC select LiveU for its inaugural Disruptor 50 list of privately-held companies that have “turned their sectors upside down” and are “meeting a business need in a cheaper, easier, simpler way that is reliable, repeatable, and scalable”.  So what is a disruptive technology? A truly disruptive technology not only changes the way that people think but also the way they operate. It disrupts an established way of working, while also opening up new market opportunities. This is what cellular bonding technology is doing in the broadcast and online video industries and beyond. 2013 has seen two underlying developments across the sector that continue this disruption: the ongoing push for even greater signal resiliency at one end; and the desire to increase the flexibility and reach of the technology at the other. Let’s look at two examples and how they have been deployed. LiveU’s Xtender, based on the company’s fourth-generation bonded uplink technology, has been designed to increase signal resiliency for use in extreme scenarios, either due to the remote location or where there’s a high level of competition for cellular bandwidth – very crowded locations being a prime example. Telefe, Argentina’s highest-rated television network, used the LiveU Xtender from a moving boat while covering an Open Waters Marathon event at Santa Fe – Coronda. According to Telefe’s Technical Director of Channel 13 of Santa Fe, “The Xtender more than doubled the amount of bandwidth we would typically get in that location, and gave us consistent transmission in a very congested area, where normally we would have difficulties obtaining a good cellular connection. The Xtender is a game-changer in such environments.” Secondly, and at the other end of the scale, we introduced the Smart Grip, which significantly advances the power, flexibility and usability of the company’s cellular bonding technology being deployed on Android and iOS smartphones. Working in conjunction with LiveU’s LU-Smart app on the phone, LiveU’s innovative Smart Grip monopod holds the smartphone providing a stable filming device, one that can be used all day long. The Smart Grip holds a chargeable battery and MiFi channel (or any other mobile hotspot), which is bonded together with the smartphone’s internal 3G/4G connection to combine two cellular connections beyond the smartphone, boosting live video transmission time, quality, reliability and performance. This supports iOS/Android devices, and it represents the next level in mobile newsgathering, allowing LiveU’s broadcasting and online video customers to extend their coverage using a smartphone or tablet. German production company Tividoo has deployed LiveU’s LU-Smart mobile application for regional public broadcaster SWR’s online coverage of the Mainz marathon held in May. The LiveU technology was supplied by LiveU’s German partner Netorium. LiveUís Smart Grip advances the power, flexibility and usability of the company’s smartphone technology. 70 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 81 SEPTEMBER 2013 The marathon – which attracted approximately 9,000 runners and 15,000 spectators – was covered by a combination of emerging technologies. Tividoo filmed the event from a car alongside the