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Christmas list What I would ask for from Father Christmas by Peter Savage T his year has been a funny one, with a lot being promised and not a lot happening in the TV world. As I sit down and reminisce on 2013, for once I have little to really write about in technology terms, so I thought I would write my Christmas list to Santa and see if that throws up any thoughts. Dear Santa, Can I have a new camera from that German manufacturer, you know, the new smaller one I’ve been waiting for for three months? I hear that it may be three more months into the New Year, but surely this can’t be the case - it’s slowed camera sales down to almost nothing in the last few months. Please may I then have a holiday, for all my hire companies’ payments in January and February? They’re surely going to be asking me for a holiday once they’ve miscalculated their cashfl ow! I know it’s something that is asked for every year, and I may be lucky this time, but I’m sure that someone will need a well- earned holiday. Please may I have a big slice of Christmas cake? I hear that there may be big slice of the 40 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013 OB cake now that one of the biggest players has exited the market, but can this please bring up the prices of the work, as this has caused a number of people to exit the market in the last few years? Santa, could I also have some free government money through the Funding to Lending scheme? Only a few limited banks have access to them and seem to be chucking them out the door at a ridiculous rate, but only to ‘great’ and ‘strong’ businesses. This is especially true of those banks owned by us tax-payers, as in those of us who are profi table tax-payers and didn’t have to be bailed out during the recession… Dear Santa, I am in post- production and wondered if you could give me a little insight into how the market is going to be next year? I’ve had 5 hard years of not really knowing where my business has been going. I just know that there’s a Tesco effect - the bigger are getting bigger and the small are staying small and boutique. I’m in the middle and feeling squeezed out of the post-production high street! Please could you also fi nd me three thousand square foot in Noho for my new facility? This is the new Soho and premises are being snapped up so quickly because no-one can afford the rents in true Soho anymore. Dear Santa, please return my sense of humour because in fact 2014 is set to be a blinding year! There‘s a world cup next year, which despite being in Brazil will bring a load of work to UK hire companies. There are now more fi lms being made in the UK than there have been for a long time, and there is a distinct rumour that the UK economy is being pulled out of the stagnation it’s been sitting in, without the prospect of an interest rate rise! There’s going to be lots of new and exciting grip equipment to complement the number of lenses that will be continue to be sold. New post houses will continue to be set up and business will continue to grow in areas outside of the UK. And yes, the TV industry will remain one of the best industries to work in! One last thing Santa - when this goes to press I will be boarding a plane to Sierra Leone. Please bring me back safely so that I can continue writing articles free of charge for tv-bay magazine… (subtle hint to editor) If you would like to know more about how we work with post- production and hire companies, get in touch with me at peter. and/or write to the tv-bay editor. To read more of these articles, see our website: