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#TVFutures This month, Rhiannon Chislett talks about student life... T his past month has probably been the most challenging throughout my time on the course, yet still very rewarding at the same time. I was nominated to become production manager for both the two main projects we have been focusing on recently, the 20-minute Documentary and also the IPTV project for multimedia. For our 20-minute Documentary we have been focusing on local family businesses in and around Weymouth. Sourcing companies suitable or willing to participate we found quite a struggle to begin with but we eventually located three that were very interesting and that we believed fi tted our theme and criteria perfectly; an award-winning blacksmith, a glassblower and the Weymouth Deli. Our fi rst scheduled shoot was at the Weymouth Deli where I had organised a 7am start in order to capture as full and normal a working day as possible in the life of our subject Lian, the owner. Throughout the day he demonstrated several different aspects of his work including making pies and boiling meats, stocking the shop and interacting with his costumers which made it very easy for us as he was the perfect client to work with and understood exactly what we wanted from him. Having captured a lot of good footage of Lian and his Deli, we were able to complete a good looking edit quite quickly, enabling us to focus on the remaining elements of the project. We have now captured half of the blacksmith footage for the second individual ‘profi le’ 42 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013 video within the documentary and over the next few weeks we will be concentrating on fi lming and editing the rest of the blacksmithing and the glassblowing. Organising the talent and crew is proving to be rather time- consuming but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. For our IPTV unit for multimedia we are looking at producing a 30-minute music show, showcasing four different local acts and also interviews which will not only feature them, but ourselves, as individuals and as a group. As a result we have spent a lot of course time in the past few weeks within the TV studio, getting to know the equipment and learning how to light and record effectively with different subjects to practice with. This has been a great exercise for building our confi dence as well as our skills with a whole new set of equipment and techniques. As the project manager of this, as well as the 20 minute documentary, I’ve realised that these projects have many more ‘little’ aspects involved than I fi rst anticipated so trying to get these all done but also helping the others within the group, is proving diffi cult but I know the hard work will eventually pay off when the projects are completed and look their best. At the moment, I am also currently looking for work placements as there is quite a comprehensive work-based learning element to our course. I think engaging with various aspects of the industry for a few of weeks and seeing how the professional functions will be an amazing experience and benefi t me a lot as an individual. Being located in Dorset has limited our opportunities for good work placements in the media but we will keep promoting ourselves and presenting ourselves positively to the industry and hopefully the offers will come in! (If you feel you can use Rhiannon’s skills and enthusiasm then we’ll put you in touch - Contribute with your experiences to #tvfutures