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Fox International Channels UK chooses Marquis Project Parking Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software, has announced Fox International Channels UK has purchased three licences for Project Parking: Marquis solution aimed at assisting editors and facilities to manage their Avid edit storage more effectively.  Project Parking will now be used to archive promos plus National Geographic long form content as well in the Operations Department which handles every UK transmission for Fox and National Geographic. Incorporating IP technology J unger Audio has announced a partnership with Audinate that will allow the company to incorporate Audinate’s Dante digital media networking solution into its award-winning range of audio processing solutions. Built on existing networking protocols and standards, Audinate’s Dante technology is a plug-and-play networking solution which delivers ultra- low latency, tightly synchronized media, while simplifying installation and configuration of digital media networks. Dante is the leading digital media networking solution and has been adopted by more than 120 OEMs to date, with hundreds of partner products to choose from. Applications using Dante can be found across broadcast, pro AV, commercial installation and live sound entertainment markets. Junger Audio’s first device to feature Audinate’s Dante technology will be the V*AP two channel voice processor. With its high-end algorithms and simple to use interface, it is specifically designed to make life easier for engineers working in radio stations and TV production voice-over studios. Adding audio network capabilities to the V*AP complements its consequent network approach on control, measurement and administration. In combination with a Dante computer interface or the DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard) software, the V*AP can act as a sophisticated frontend for any digital audio workstation (DAW) or video editing system. The Dante interface solution will be released for the V*AP in the first quarter of 2014 and subsequently become available for all other Junger Audio boxed products. Red ADvenir chooses playout and automation Cinegy is pleased to announce recent installation of its award winning playout and automation solution, Cinegy Air at Red ADvenir in Bolivia. Red ADvenir has over 10 years of experience in the broadcasting industry and its programming focuses on the teachings of the Bible, nature scenes with songs of praise and worship, health and lifestyle and programs for children and young people. 06 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013