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Releasing Frankie 2.2 Cospective have now released Frankie 2.2, an update of the company’s easy-to-use browser- based video review tool. Along with a number of performance enhancements, Frankie 2.2 has introduced a Sync Options panel. Hosts can now switch between two different modes, choosing whether or not to allow guests to control sync. For more information on Frankie, or to sign up for a free 21-day trial, visit... Demand for high-impact second-screen content C amera Corps has reported an outstandingly successful 2013 both as a manufacturer and provider of broadcast support services.  “Second-screen devices are really pushing the need for close-up content,” comments Camera Corps founder and managing director Laurie Frost. “They place extra demands on producers to come up with new and exciting angles that will deliver strong visual impact when viewed on handheld displays. Compact remotely operated systems such as Q-Ball allow dramatic main-screen and second-screen content to be captured from multiple sources quickly, efficiently and economically. They give producers the freedom to source live video from up to 98 cameras under full control from a two or three-person production crew or even a single operator. Whether in the studio, on the sports field, on the music stage or out in the jungle, day or night, these cameras can get right into the action, providing a lot more bang for your production buck.” Adding 4 four live sports channels T TNET, the largest internet service provider in Turkey, has chosen a broadcast playout system from PlayBox Technology for four high-definition live sports channels at its Esentepe transmission centre in Istanbul. The installation forms a central element of TTNET’s expanding role as a television content provider. A division of Trk Telekom, TTNET was established as an internet service provider in 2005. TTNET currently has over 6 million ADSL subscribers and is expanding to meet all the digital communication requirements of its customers. It provides Turkish-language broadcast services under the Tivibu trademark. Tivibu home, web, mobile and smart-TV services are currently available in Turkey. 06 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 85 JANUARY 2014