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CASE STUDY Customer Pipe Village Trust, UK Challenge Creating a high-end documentary fi lm in remote parts of India on a tight budget and production schedule Solution Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7 multiformat nonlinear editing software Amit's story Benefits A reliable multiformat, real-time editing platform with superb functionality Pipe Village Trust Non-Profit turns to EDIUS Pro 7 for documentary on India’s children BACKGROUND bono because they truly believe in the project and the story we’re telling,” he said. Pipe Village Trust is a UK-based human rights charity with an important mission. Through fi lmmaking and television efforts, the organization aims to publicize the plight of those in modern day slavery and oppression around the world. CHALLENGES Recently, its team, led by veteran producer and editor Michael Lawson, headed to India to fi lm a documentary that exposed the widespread traffi cking, oppression, and persecution of children in several regions across the country. Aptly titled India’s Forgotten Children, this compelling new documentary is the latest in a series of fi ve fi lms about India produced and edited by Lawson. The 58-minute fi lm takes a close look at the plight of India’s poorest and most deprived group, the Dalits, where human traffi cking and persecution are widespread among children. India’s 300 million-person Dalit and Tribal communities have not received formal education for centuries, but India’s Forgotten Children explores the community’s growing sense of hope and the unique value of education as a tool of transformation and the key to its liberation. This project was no small feat for Lawson, who took a year off from paid work to plan, produce, and edit India’s Forgotten Children. “Everyone who worked on every aspect of the project—including fi nance, design, marketing, and web development—has worked pro 70 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 87 MARCH 2014 Meticulously researched, the documentary was shot with a Panasonic AG-AC160EJ in early 2013 in the villages and towns surrounding India’s Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Lucknow regions and received its West End Premiere at the Vue Cinema in London’s Leicester Square in November 2013. Aside from shooting in remote villages with poor lighting, one of the biggest challenges Lawson faced during production was getting adequate material within a tight production schedule. Following his initial research with his team at Pipe Village Trust in London, Lawson story-boarded the fi lm in terms of themes, people, and places he wished to explore. “We fi lmed all day, every day, seven days a week in school’s and villages. With every shot I asked myself ‘how is this going to fi t in with the dominant themes and tell the story of these children in a convincing way.’ So the preplanning and story-boarding was very important,” Lawson said. With a full month’s intensive fi lming on hand, Lawson turned to the powerful editing capabilities of EDIUS® Pro 7 from Grass Valley® to help make sense of all the footage and select the most pertinent and gripping images that portrayed the true plight of the children in the Dalit community.