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CASE STUDY “Even though the predicament of the children in the Dalit community is deeply distressing, we wanted the message of the film to center on hope—the hope that through education, their lives will vastly improve and they will be set free from trafficking and abuse. Editing is a very important piece in film creation because through the movement and manipulation of frames, the editing process gives you a powerful tool with which to tell your story. Grass Valley’s EDIUS Pro 7 gave us that power and much, much more, since it was first introduced,” he commented. SOLUTION EDIUS Pro 7 is Grass Valley’s newest version of its widely used multiformat nonlinear editing software. It’s ideal for professional video editors working on documentaries because it provides realtime speed, superb functionality, and is compatible with all major file formats, including resolutions up to 4K. No stranger to the EDIUS platform, Pipe Village Trust has been using the software since it was first introduced. “We’re very familiar with the EDIUS platform and have used the software for several projects in the past, so it made absolute sense for us to turn to the latest version of EDIUS for India’s Forgotten Children. Version 7 is even more intuitive and versatile than its predecessor. It lets us sort our footage into folders and subfolders, which allowed us to work more efficiently on the whole. I had an entire library of footage at my disposal that I was able to find very quickly, and it was all clearly indexed with EDIUS Pro 7. This is hugely beneficial because it sped up the process of finding the exact footage we needed for certain scenes. During the editing process, you often need to find an extra shot to complete a voiceover or a cutaway to break up the rhythm of a sequence. This is all very easy with EDIUS,” he remarked. India’s Forgotten Children is now available on DVD from the Pipe Village Trust website at 72 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 87 MARCH 2014 BENEFITS Another feature Lawson loves most about EDIUS Pro 7 is that it can edit in real time without rendering. “EDIUS requires very little rendering, and on the rare occasion when it does, it’s extremely fast. This feature supports creativity because it allows you to edit a number of different ways until you achieve the shot you want. Other systems don’t support this, but I think it’s an important element in getting the best possible result. “EDIUS Pro 7 also has an impressive range of filters. I especially like the layout filter because it makes a picture-in-picture sequence easy to achieve. I also like the flexibility of the GUI and have a number of different layouts for the two screens,” Lawson commented. Many of the people interviewed for India’s Forgotten Children spoke in their native tongue. Lawson and his team recorded a translation immediately after each of these interviews and when it came time to edit these translations, EDIUS made it effortless, he said. “EDIUS Pro 7 has great audio filters. It lets you simply drag translations into an audio track, so all you have to do is reduce the audio on the original shot and with a little finesse, you’ve got a translation.” EDIUS Pro 7 gave Pipe Village Trust a solid, reliable platform with which to edit India’s Forgotten Children. Everything from its keyboard shortcuts to its ability to manage graphics proved hugely beneficial to Lawson and his team, and Pipe Village Trust could not be more pleased with its performance. “EDIUS enabled us to focus on creativity and hone in on the true story-telling aspect of the film, helping us to get the message out about the children of India. We are so proud of this documentary and pleased we were able to harness the powerful capabilities of EDIUS 7. India’s Forgotten Children would not be what it is without Grass Valley’s involvement, and for that we are truly grateful.”