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REVIEW LED Lighting comes of age with Chris Chisnall L ighting is paramount to any production, whether it’s for an independent short or for a multi-million pound Soap, you can own the best camera’s on the market but without the right lighting you don’t have the shot! Either on location or in the studio, you need to take in to consideration the lighting setup; key lights, kickers, fill lights, how warm or cool should the ambient lighting be, can I use LED lighting systems and will they balance alongside our existing tungsten lighting? LED Lighting is very much coming of age, the latest revolution of LED systems is now changing the way we work, fantastic Colour Rendering especially at the Tungsten end, extremely eco-friendly and with a low residual heat output. LED lighting is becoming the light of choice for many Lighting Gaffers, production companies and studios across the industry, popular lighting manufacturers are turning to LED’s but there is one brand who have hit the nail on the head for LED Lighting that is ideal for most setup’s on set or on location. The Rotolight Anova Bi-Colour V2 fl oodlight has become Coronation Street’s “fi ll-light of choice” chosen by ITV’s Head of Lighting, Chris Rotolight ANOVA on set of the Rovers Return Chisnall who searches high and low for the best lighting products in the industry to ensure the world’s longest- running soap produces the best results in-keeping with its illustrious history. Winner of over 10 BAFTA’s, and hundreds of Television gongs, the soap is shot at the new purpose built studio in Manchester’s high-tech Media Centre where Rotolight ANOVA V2 Bi Colour 110º wide beam angle units are now used as fi ll lighting on the set of The Rovers Return. We caught up with Chris Chisnall, the highly experienced head of lighting at ITV for the past 11 years. Chisnall was in the market for a portable, eco-friendly lighting system that would emit high quality light and the Rotolight ANOVA’s were the perfect choice, featuring up to 3.9Kw output while using just 41 watts of power! After extensive testing Chris purchased several of the new range of fl oodlights and he was not disappointed! “What a fantastic piece of kit! I have to say I’ve fallen in love with these lights, I found them to be extremely useful on the fl oor as a fl exible fi ll alternative to other tungsten lights with a softbox. The Rotolight Anova’s really speed up shooting for us and have become the fi ll lights of choice. The new Rotolight ANOVA Bi Colour V2 Flood light can be electronically set to accurately reproduce any colour of white light from candlelight through to full daylight in 10 degree Kelvin steps 3150K – 6300K maintaining perfect colour temperature across the whole dimming range. Each light is hand calibrated using a Laser Aligned testing process for outstanding colour accuracy. “Coronation Street is purposely lit to look warm with 1/4 CTO on all back three quarter keys apart from the window side which I keep at 3200K+1/8 CTB or cooler. As you can imagine our turnaround is very quick between scenes and the Anova’s play their part superbly as a fi ll source.” “Quick to place around cameras, the Bi-Colour Anova’s make balancing easy being able to match the prevailing colour temperature perfectly without having to resort to a selection of gels. In addition the ability to run off batteries, even in studio, make them a dream for fast rigging in awkward areas of the set where we would usually have to hide cables. These lights really speed up shooting for us and have become the fi ll lights of choice in the Rovers. The Rotolight ANOVA Bi-Colour V2 EcoFlood range is available in 6 different fl avours including the latest Bi-Colour V2 (electronically adjustable from 3150K to 6300K) and the ANOVA SOLO Single Colour Flood lights available in 5600K (Daylight) or 3200K (Tungsten). The complete range of new ANOVA products is available in either ‘UltraWide’ 110 degree beam angle for a beautiful soft ‘fi ll light’ or ‘Standard’ 50 Degree beam angle as a ‘key light’ with greater straight line output. Rotolight, based at Pinewood Studios, UK, are one of the leading manufacturers of multi award winning on-camera, studio and location LED lighting systems for photography, videography, broadcast and cinematography. Rotolight’s products have been used on major features including James Bond “Skyfall”, ‘Captain Phillips’ (Dir. Paul Greengrass, DoP. Barry Ackroyd BSC), and are continuously used by leading Photographers, DoP’s and Cinematographers worldwide. 72 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 88 APRIL 2014