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AUDIO Assuring loudness compliance for international content distribution Italy’s SAMPLE relies on NUGEN Audio’s LMB in post-production by Samuele Tezza, SAMPLE. A t SAMPLE, sound is our business. An up- and-coming digital recording studio and post-production house based in Verona, Italy with offices in Milan and Rome, SAMPLE offers a full range of high-end services including voice recording for television and radio, dubbing for cinema and television, original soundtracks, and sound effects creation and editing. Preparing client projects for international distribution has become such an important part of our work that we created our WorldNet division to provide localization and multi-language versions. Needless to say, new international loudness standards and recommendations have had a profound impact on our business. With loudness management now a required norm rather than an option, it’s certain that any audio we produce, for any part of the world, will have to be loudness-compliant. In order to keep pace with our growing international workload, we needed a tool that would allow us to maintain our high quality standards while creating loudness-compliant audio as effi ciently as possible. NUGEN Audio’s Loudness Management Batch (LMB) processor is the ideal solution. LMB is an offl ine loudness analysis and correction tool for OS X® and Windows® environments that delivers network-based, automated loudness processing for large numbers of audio and video fi les without requiring user intervention. Since LMB is fully compliant with CALM, ITU-R BS. 1770, EBU R128, ATSC A/85, 66 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 89 MAY 2014 and other global loudness regulations and standards, it gives us a reliable guarantor of loudness and true-peak compliance. LMB has become an important part of our post-production operation along with an ever- increasing amount of business from large broadcasting companies such as RAI, Italy’s national public broadcaster. Although the content is primarily TV commercials, we’ve used LMB for many different types of projects. One recent example is a U.K.-produced documentary, “Wildest India,” a four-episode program that was broadcast in Italian for our