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EDUCATION #TVFutures This month, Joe Watson talks about student life... Once again I am writing to inform all of you what Uni life is like… right now one word does come clearly to mind, "hectic". Myself and my fellow students are approaching deadline day for the fi nal year of the course. We've gone through many projects together and we've all had some form of work experience which is what my previous article entry was about. There are many things that have to be done over the next 3 weeks, we have to make a show reel out of footage we have shot and then also create a professional looking website or webpage for that show reel to be posted onto, we have to submit a journal of 30 days work experience and fi nally we have to do our FMP (Final Major Project). We're actually allowed a bit of freedom with our FMP as we can create whatever we want as long as it is roughly 15 to 20 minutes long. It's really nice having this freedom because since the beginning of the course in 2012, no-one on the course has created a dramatic piece. We have made documentaries, news stories, adverts but never something with a fully scripted storyline. The year group decided to split into two teams and while one half is creating a documentary on a historical monument here in Weymouth, my group has decided to create a short thriller fi lm. We did realise that creating a drama is more of a challenge than making a documentary however I think all of us are up for it. We actually started drawing up ideas at about the end of March. We really wanted to go for a dark murder mystery with a modern setting. One of the main ideas that we all agreed on was to 38 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014 have a character who is kidnapped and tortured by a group of masked people. We would have then revealed that the group of people were actually woman who were after the killer of their murdered friend (which would be shown in fl ashbacks), the man that they were torturing. It wasn't until around mid to late April that we decided that this idea was rather silly so we scrapped it and began working on something else. time we have was for two corporate videos at the beginning of this year and the actors were already chosen for that, we were only required to fi lm it. We're actually quite lucky because we have some friends who are students on one of the drama courses here at Weymouth College who were initially quite reluctant to take part until we found we could credit them with work experience. We prepared as professionally as we could, we had Our current project has a similar style auditions, decided who was better for the role and then called them back to the fi lm 'Phone Booth', I won't telling them they got the part. We've reveal to much as I don't want to decided that myself and the other two annoy my co-workers because we people working behind the camera will are still in production and have only fi lmed roughly one third of the project. make cameos in the short fi lm, too. I feel that all I am allowed to say is that So that's pretty much it, got a lot to there is murder, there is mystery, there do over the next few weeks and I look is a bit of gore and you won't stop forward to completing the year. It's guessing until the very end. been a great two years really and the It's actually very interesting working on people I've worked with I'm glad to call my friends. We always have a laugh a drama as well because something and University really is an amazing we've not really had to do before experience. I would like to also thank is look for actors. Out of all of the TV Bay for giving me the opportunity projects we have done over the past to share my experience through these two years we've never really had to articles. work with actors and I think the only Contribute with your experiences to #tvfutures