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NEWS Royalty free music for video A KM Music, the UK’s leading producer of quality Royalty Free Music, have added a new collec- tion of tracks as a download CD in AK166 ELECTRIC GUITAR POP - A varied collection of light upbeat pop instrumentals featuring electric guitar that would serve as perfect underscores to your video production. Each track comes with a loop version for adding flexi- bility and scores of length options to match your video editing. You can preview and buy this new volume at www.akmmusic. and by using this discount code AKM5XA you can get 10% off at the online checkout. Media wall for ICS I CS Media Production, one of Moldova’s leading broadcast playout service-providers, has chosen Custom Consoles Module-R and Media Wall as part of a major expansion of its technical facilities. The new installation is located at the company’s new headquar- ters in the Moldavian capital city, Chisinau. It consists of three production control areas and four fully automated master control areas. Steadicam Smoothee bonus pack T he Steadicam division of The Tiffen Company is offering Steadicam fans an exciting new Steadicam Smoothee bonus pack. The introduction of Steadicam in 1976 revolutionized the world of film and video. Over the past three decades, Steadicam has been an invaluable, dynamic production tool in the industry. New generations of Steadicam camera stabilizing systems have been comprehensively redesigned to unleash endless creative possibilities. When purchasing a Steadicam Smoothee, users can now enjoy two mounts for the price of one. The new bonus pack features a mount for iPhone® 5/5s and a mount for GoPro® HERO® cameras a 24.95 USD bonus value, offering even more stability for no extra cost. • • • 06 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014 • • •