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REVIEW Light in the RAIN by Spencer Doran, Octica Professional F ollowing on from the success of their unique 4LIGHT & 4LONG series, European LED lighting pioneer THELIGHT has launched their new super-soft and rainproof VELVET light range. With so many LED light options and a seemingly endless number of manufacturers, it’s good to see one of the industries most respected names continuing to make a lead in engineering progress. THELIGHT, the somewhat generically named Spanish LED lighting manufacturer produces 2 ranges - articulating studio LED lights and now the super-soft VELVET collection of rainproof location lights. First shown at IBC last year, the all new VELVET range is beautifully crafted and incorporates a remarkable set of features. The VELVET lights are made to last with a 100% aluminium body and no plastic in the construction. They are strong and specifi ed to IP54 rain and dust proof standard, made to endure tough shooting conditions on any location or studio. They produce a natural soft light with a shadow-less wraparound quality to effortlessly light for skin tones and natural portraits. THELIGHTs proprietary technology provides CRI 95 with no green deviation, calibrated for HD, fi lm and photo cameras to achieve perfect skin tones, vivid colours and real images. The light produced is soft, natural and variable in temperature from 2700K to 6500K, with on-board digital control and DMX. The colour temperature and light intensity levels are digitally displayed and can be precisely adjusted through shock resistant buttons in 100K steps. With the VELVET, lighting has never been so easy or fast. The light’s evenness and power make it the go-to choice for lighting backgrounds and invaluable for studios or as a location all-purpose light. THELIGHT VELVET panels are compatible with any kind of light source and their built-in DMX 68 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014 digital controls let you adapt on the fl y to changing light conditions to produce the overall desired light effect. The VELVETs also have advanced DMX control and even allow remote control even without a controller! The built-in master-slave function allows you to link several units together and operate without a console. The master VELVET panel acts as the controller and the others respond to its settings. This bi-directional DMX RDM is the perfect solution in studios, simplifying the assignment and channel addressing of every lighting fi xture. The VELVET lights allow you to forget about gels, diffusers or lamp replacement, saving time on adjustments and money on servicing and labour. With no fans to replace, both long service life and noise free operation are ensured. Advantages • Rain, dust and shock proof aluminium body • More than bi-colour 2700K to 6500K • Natural shadow-less light • Worldwide AC & DC powered • On-board and DMX control • Thin and portable • Modular design for larger multipanel usage • Flicker free, up to 3000 FPS • Silent fan-free operation • Affordable European quality • Two years warranty. 100% made in Barcelona • 100% Maintenance free: you will never spend on bulbs, gels or fans The VELVET’s durable and tough, sealed lightweight-aluminium design is a must for all rental, broadcast and freelance use as is the price, confi rming the VELVET Series as the ultimate in advanced and economical LED light kits that by far outperform the multitude of unreliable, rebadged Chinese and expensive outdated US-made lights. THELIGHT products are distributed in the UK & Ireland by Octica Professional and are available via professional camera accessory & lighting dealers. For further information contact your regular dealer or visit